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music Any Working Musicians Here?

I'm a new guy here, just now getting more serious about my hot pepper cultivation, but among other things I've done in my life was play bass in various rock bands. Wondering if there are any like minded fellows here....
I'm in a classic rock band right now, The Spirit Lake Band (SLaB), and as a geezer I find it fun and relaxing, but it's mostly self indulgence anymore. We play deeper cuts like Sarah Lee off the first Foghat album and Hey Bulldog by the BeAtles. In my evile days, though...
This was BLAZES!, another classic three piece I was in during the early 80s...We played a lot of weekend gigs in the Joplin MO/Baxter Springs KS/Miami OK area.

And this was The Aunt Sally Band, same working area. Our singer really kicked ass, from Whitesnake to Brian Adams.

And then I moved on to regional touring with Tantrum, out of Tulsa OK. Didn't last but a few months, these kids were too young for the life, but we were fun...

....Then my last stint on the road circuit, a glam/poser bunch called Sircus, "A" club circuit pretty much nationwide, opened for a number of big acts (actually had Robin Trower come up and tell me what great chops he thought I had...What a compliment!), but these guys were more into the drugs than success, and after a little more than a year I'd had enough and quit altogether. That was 1989...

And for the following 20+ years I plinked around, did some singer/songwriter stuff, listened to a lot of eclectic rock like Unknown Hinson and Captain Beyond and did a lot of reminiscing, until now, being in a geezer classic rock outfit that's maybe the most fun I've ever had in a band, and in two years I can count on one hand how many gigs we've done. And no, I don't even have a pic of us...yet.
Anyone else wanna share?

I'm a drummer. Toured Canada and the US last year (we're from Oz) but have since left that band. Hopefully something new crops up, soon, getting itchy feet.