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Anybody else growing cannabis?

Uncle Eckley

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We've had legal homegrow in Virginia since the summer and I've been having a blast. I run a little 36x20x63 tent and have been able to provide a modest abundance for myself and some family. Just switched from a three-plant staggered autoflower cycle with individual reservoirs to one big reservoir so I can run autos or photos.
Anybody else post your rig?

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so autos give the same buzz as photo peroids?
and them leds work as well as hid?
because they are mixed with ruderalis to get the autoflower attribute they produce less bud of a lesser quality than standard seeds of the same strain.

IME, to get an LED comparable to a 1000W HID you need to spend a lot of money and they still draw a lot of power. I have friends who have gone LED and all of them have had to replace their units as a driver goes or the diodes start to fail. I assume this is because of how close to the heat source this equipment is. I have a 25 year old magnetic HID ballast that still works and a few year old electronic HID ballast that runs super cool and in another room away from the heat source. both only require a new bulb once the output starts to drop.

Uncle Eckley

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this is from a grow years ago. hoping my state goes home grown very soon.

so autos give the same buzz as photo peroids?
and them leds work as well as hid? i been out the loop for years


Autos have come a long way and are now just as tasty and potent as photos. I recently set a personal heat press record with a 29.4% yield from a Grape OG auto. (That flower never yielded less than 26% - a very successful plant, indeed.)

LEDs do just fine for me. It's been many years since I've used HID lights. I worried constantly about fire hazard.
This is the Liquid Sunshine that Jay came up with. The one i popped is doing great too.