event Anyone ever participate in...

Oh! An assortment of peppers! You lucky dog! Too bad the contest is so soon, I might have been able to provide some goat peppers. :lol:
i did at a chili cook off once and i hate to admit i didnt do very well...i took a 6 pack of coronas with me i was gonna try and chew em up and down em like swallowing a asprin but they would not let me take my beer on stage so i failed misserably
I've done a jalapeno eating contest - didn't win cause I couldn't get em down fast enough but I did get 17 down before time ran out (7 or 8 min) - Best advice I can give: Buy a stock of good TP, some reading material and prepare for a gut cleanse.

As far as getting them down - once the first two are done it's all the same - endorphins kick in and you generally don't have enough time to think about the pain.
Perhaps a ZERO chugging contest would be in order. I would be wonderful seeing a bunch of individuals flopping on the ground like pieces of bacon. Hell, I'd make an uber-batch just to watch people participate in a round of stupid human tricks. What a visual!
Hmmm, good point. Perhaps before the event, it would be required for each individual to put on a Tyvek suit, and the collar, sleeves and cuffs would have to be duct taped so as to stop any bodily leakge from occuring. That way, when they fall to the ground after a massive evacuation, it would cushion their fall. Man, a visual of Willy Wonka comes to mind when the girl blew up into a blueberry. :P
Nope, although this would be an interesting twist would it not? Perhaps with the unveiling of the Batch #2 of ZERO, one Golden Ticket will be given away within the strange envelope that will already accompany each bottle of ZERO (hint) that is sold at the show. Gee, what could the prize be? Be careful what you wish for. I must ponder this new idea, for it is a most intriguing thought. I thank you Cap'n for the intellectual marketing insight...