event Anyone ever participate in...

If it weren't for my daughter finding chicken wings last night, I'd be starting to forget what they taste like.

As for your wife... Well, I'll leave that bit up to you. :shock:
DEFCON Creator said:
Perhaps a ZERO chugging contest would be in order. I would be wonderful seeing a bunch of individuals flopping on the ground like pieces of bacon. Hell, I'd make an uber-batch just to watch people participate in a round of stupid human tricks. What a visual!

Speaking of visuals...

I am told that there will be some folks there this weekend from the Food Network doing some filming. Sounds like it was some people from "Emeril Live" (not Emeril hisself or anything), watching us eat hot peppers and filming the capsaicin-marred aftermath.

More media for us! Woo-hoo!!

- Joe
As much as I love habaneros, without sugar on the side, I doubt I would have made it through that either.

When I go to the vegetable exchange for peppers, it always impresses the vegetable guys because I'll bite into the peppers, and sometimes, when there is no heat, I'll eat quite a bit of a pepper just to show off. But that heat adds up after a couple of peppers!!!

Well done, Joe!