chinense Anyone ever tried Stuffing Scotch Bonnets?

Pretty much ..... since Judy left.
theboogeyman said:
It's a hard pepper to find.  I'm hoping to get the right seeds next year, as I was really looking forward to trying it.  Every mild plant I had died other than these, which turned out to be habeneros lol
Looks like my return to THP after years on hiatus is well-timed.

Yes, the Stuffing Scotch Bonnet is a completely different variety. I have them going as we speak. PM me your address, and Ill be happy to share some seeds your way.


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That's awesome!  Thank-you very much!
EDIT:  Hey, Mike!  I appreciate the offer, but the PM system says you can't receive any new messages! ;)
UPDATE:  Two of the three plants are definitely Red Habs.  The third plant was a runt and took a long time to grow and forever to fruit.....which took forever to ripen.  Once it did, I went to harvest it and noticed the only pod off that plant looked a little bit different.  I harvested it, poured a glass of milk, and said a prayer (I had a few issues eating the last one I thought was a SSB).  Sure enough, Stuffing Scotch Bonnet.  Mine weren't as large as some I've seen in pics and vids, but slightly sweet, just a *whisper* of heat..just what I was hoping for.  Not a ton of seeds in that one pod, but hopefully they're viable, especially since there's not much growing season left here in Michigan.  If I have a good harvest next year, maybe I'll have some seeds to share. ;)
Mr. Joe ..... PM me.  My volunteer plant has 10 green pods on it at the moment.
Love stuffing bonnets with goodness! They aren't that hot cooked full of cheese and wrapped in bacon. I have been on a 50/50 blue cheese/cream cheese mixed with caramelized onions and fried mushrooms. I do another sweeter version as well. Both bacon wrapped. Delicious.
My better half has an occasional popper too and shes a jalapeno kinda gal. Cooked she handles, raw she is not a happy camper. You should give it a try!
Cap pubescens like giant rocotos are awesome hot stuffers too.
Tybo said:
Sounds like there is a pepper called a "Stuffing Scotch Bonnet".  I thought the op was stuffing a scotch bonnet and expecting it to be mild.  I figured I missed something.  It makes more since now.
Guess what I stumbled across Tybo?>Pepperlover`s Stuffing Scotch Bonnet
Nigel said:
An exclusive from Judy at 
Get a load of this behemoth! Good grief, it`s huge! This is Judy`s Stuffing Scocth Bonnet and I was a bit worried it would be hot as well as gigantic.
The aromas were nice. Very fruity and a little sweet, with the typical C.chinense-style flavors you`d expect from a Scotch Bonnet. There was also a very Tomato-like aroma.
The flavors were wonderful. Very sweet, very fruity and very much like a Scotch Bonnet. The general flavors were a little dilute compared to a regular sized Scotch Bonnet, but given the size that isn't exactly surprising. Overall, this huge pod tastes like a sweet Scotch Bonnet, which is a really big plus! They really do taste fantastic!
The heat just wasn`t there. I was concerned it might blow the head off my shoulders, but in all honesty I could not detect any heat at all. That brings it within the realms of anyone and everyone who enjoys stuffed peppers. The flavors are so amazingly good, that if people knew about this pepper the sales of Bell peppers would drop dramatically overnight! And rightly so!