auction Auction 2 of 3 - Pepper Pods & Pepper Powder & Seeds

OK, I've decided to make this a bit more interesting to finish off my season. :) Here's the deal. I'm having THREE auctions simultaneously. All will start now and you win exactly what is included in the attached picture. :) The pods may include (see comment on 7 Pot Brain Strain as only one box has a pod of this one in it):

- 7 Pot Primo (c. chin)
- Aji Santa Cruz (C. bac)
- Yellow 7 Pot (c. chin)
- Guarmal (C. bac)
- Huge Chocolate Twisted Habanero - MINE (C. chin)
- Avenir (C. chin)
- Orange Thai (C. ann)
- Hot Pepper Tree - orange pod (C. ann)
- Bhut Jolokia Red (C. chin)
- 7 Pot Brain Strain (C. chin) - if your auction does not include a brain strain pod - you get FREE packet of seeds included

Now the kicker - also included 0.5 oz of my new Red 7 Pot smoked powder (cherry/mesquite woods) that includes a mix of 7 Pot Brain Strain, 7 Pot Infinity, 7 Pot Chiaguanas #2, 7 Pot Primo - super hot!! - goes for $8 per 1/2 oz separately.

And when you thought it was over...nope included are 10 seeds of Trinidad Scorpion Green - JR (C. chin). :)

Starting bid on auction #1 = $10. You must pay with Paypal. I will ship the goods tomorrow via Priority Mail small box once payment received. It should arrive in 2-3 days. Post bids here. Highest bid on this thread by 11 PM EST is the winner. Auction will be closed....U.S. members only please as it's illegal to ship fresh produce out of country.

Knowing me, who knows what could fall in the box at the last moment. :)

Good luck!!


Guess I need to set up a paypal account. Could kill a bunch of birds with one stone here. Pods.... Seeds for a couple peppers I want to grow next year. From what I see Chris is one of the most upstanding fellows on here.
It's the weirdest thing. 10:15 PM rolls around and I started to envision myself being Santa Claus with these auctions. :) I thought to myself "Am I putting enough in?" Well of course what did I do....add more stuff to each auction!


- Rare 7 Pot Congo SR seeds (C. chin) - 5 each - biggest C. chinense pods I ever grew (35+ grams - some hit 40 grams no doubt not weighed).
- NOT Black Naga - super mean Red cross (C. chin) seeds -
- Trinidad Douglah seeds (C. chin) - 10
- Cappucino Scotch Bonnet seeds - Ajijoe (C. chin) - 10
- Few others
- 0.5 oz NOT White Habalokia non-smoked pepper powder (pale yellow - nice color)
- Whatever else I decide between 10:20 PM and 11:00 PM. :)
Congrats MidwestChilehead. :) Feel free to PM me for more info. I stopped the auction right at 11 PM using an atomic clock. Gotta be accurate, right?