baccatum baccatum ID please

Dear All,

I have another pepper plant with a lost name plate. One thing for sure is that this pepper is a baccatum

anybody knows the ID of this pepper?



thanks in advance... :dance:
Aji Lemon Drop perhaps. Did you plant those?

Flower looks similar but pod looks more bigger and rounder though.

definitely not lemon drops. I have 2 lemon drop plants and the pods are elongated. This one is looks like a deformed cherry pepper.

Yes i planted it. I just lost the name tag. :)

Shooting from the hip guess...... Heart throb?

C. baccatum - Heart Throb

This might be it. I'll just wait 'til the pod ripens to red. Thanks RF. :D
Beautiful flower, could be an Orange Jamy, I have grown 2 years ago, when I find a photo of the insert in your 3D.
mascalzone and smoke master for your inputs.

The pod is still green.. I wish it could get ripe a soon. Patience.... need patience.. :rofl:

Can it be Peppadew?