Baker's Chocolate Reaper




Chocolate hab...
And I too saw Ed's comments on it, finding it hilarious as well :) That, and I do recall Ed also calling shananigans on Baker's claims on this being a true Choc Reaper. At best, it was an F1 cross, and I don't think any of us need to go into detail on how unstable F1's are...

Normally, I would recommend requesting a refund, but we all know how well that goes over with Baker...  :rolleyes:
Yup, looks awful lot like my chocolate habaneros.
Dale Baker reminds me a lot of Fred Kick (or as we call him "The wall of death" at the expos) in the reptile trade. The guy who has the nastiest reputation, yet for some reason still pushes on and makes a killing. I shall take my business elsewhere and I will always point folks in the other direction.
smileyguy697 said:
Hahahaha!! Came here to find some Dale slamming for some people on fb and that was easier done than I thought.. Lmao.. They brought up the gorpion wtf
Noticed that as well. I'm half convinced he had to rename his to the "ghorpion" because the man behind the original "Jay's Ghost Scorpion" threatened him with legal action if he used the name. That's the rumor anyway, so take it with a grain of salt.
That and his "pepper box of the month club" wasn't exactly off to a stellar start. Dale's already had to offer refunds to people for January & February according to his own FB feed... I honestly never thought I'd say "Dale" and "refund" in the same sentence that didn't involve him trying to ream someone...