beer Begin! : June TD - Kolsch

wheebz said:

Bad news

One of your caps came off in shipping. Thank god for the zip lock. I drank it anyways, yeast and all and aat about 80 degrees. There was still 3/4th of it in the bottle I couldn't waste it.
Damn...that sucks. I'm curious as to how this one will score. I've had some bottles that I really like. Some bottles are overly yeasty though.


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grantmichaels said:
no scrubs
3.5     gallons
60%   efficiency
149F  mash temperature
90      boil minutes
9.4     est. pre-boil gravity
11.7   est. original gravity
5%     ABV
27      IBU's
8-       SRM
128 oz schill kolsch malt
1.0 oz glacier (4.0%) at 45min
1.0 oz glacier (4.0%) at 5min
1.0 oz german hull melon (4.1%) at 0min
1 pkg wlp029 kolsch yeast
start at 63F/0psi, +2F/+2psi every 12 hrs until terminal, covering a diacetyl rest

closed-system xfer onto biofine in co2-purged corny, and give it an extended cold-crashing at 35F for awhile

beergun in-place, bottled to wheebz delight
grantmichaels said:
So, it *finally* gets boiling, set timer for 45 mins til 1st hop drop ...


Ready to go ...


Sanitized keg chillin' with Sir-spund-a-lot ...


Dialed in 3 psi, keepin' cool for later ;)

Fifteen mins from end of boil gravity reading ...


Whoosh, coming in HIGH ...

Add a quart of filtered water ...


It's still high, but I'll boil water and cool it and add it later on down the line if I feel like it, Tasty McDole style ...




Darkness ...

Wort's chillin' out in the ferm chamber, I'm calling in Tijuana Flats, and when I get back I'll bubble in some O2 and pitch the WLP029 ...

Temp's set for 63F ...

Cleaned up ...

Ready to eat, shower, and drink profusely!

judging is done, left the paperwork over at the brewery, tired as fuck, dont want to type them all up as of yet
all 3 of them were close
I will post numbers for each review, as myself and my other brewer did these in silence separate from each other so you get some unbiased judging
just got back home
i wish it wasnt so much for me to type up
i can tell you all the winner right now if you really want, ill check back in 10 to see if you want it
in fact I can actually tell you the numbers because I remember them, but no one scored over a 35
I figured I didn't score high. The temperature being so high definitely didn't help me. I don't even care who won. I just want to see the critique.