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The Hot Pepper

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This is a delicious collab between two amazing brewers in NY.


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This beer is so damn good it's bitter but not by definition it's like I need a new word for bitter and refreshing. It's also neutral in the wet/dry dept. It's like so damn... GOOD!
I'll give this thread a shot ;). So a local brewery put out this hop showcase pack. Co worker that I give homebrew to brought me the 4 varieties. I'm going to try them all today :).

First up: Hallertau Blanc

Can't say I'm a huge fan of these. Not bad. But not great either. Kind of a funky smell to it.

Next up: Bramling Cross

I like these a lot more, but can't say I'll try them out anytime soon.

Next up: Eureka

Aroma is no bueno. Cat piss city. The flavor is the best so far though. I usually like the piney hops the best.

Edit: never mind the Eureka being better than the others. The aroma is so bad that it starts to effect the flavor. It's almost a garlic onion smell now. Not in a good way either. More like you ate something with a lot of garlic and onion and are berping it up. Yuk!

Last up: Enigma

Best aroma and flavor to me. Definitely a fruity hop. I will actuall take note of these and try them in a future batch.