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Best Ever!!

My Mom got back Friday from a cruise with my Brother and his family which originated in Barcelona Spain and I have to say I must have one of the best moms on the planet. She didn't bring me back some lousy Tee-Shirt, no sir/ma'am. Just take a look at the treats she brought:
From Barcelona a true Spanish Paella Pan

and a gram of Saffron Threads
Look at the color!

Next stop was in Pisa.

Then on to Pompeii where they visited a Limoncello factory


Wife wants to do something with this, not use it as a towel.

They didn't stop in France but that didn't stop her from picking this up.

Can't wait to try some of these out but there will be a Paella feast coming soon :cool:
Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow nice score gotta love Mom's!!! And obviously a woman of refined taste!! :)
Love limoncello had a Portuguese friend who used to bring back to the states. Awesome stuff.
A beautiful pan and that saffron WOW! What are the three packages are they different mixes.
Very nice haul RocketMan !! :) it's like Christmas in August! Hahaha