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vendor Best places to buy actual peppers (not seeds, or powders, etc.)

From browsing the forum, I'm finding a ton of different places to buy pepper seeds/plants/powders, etc...
Can anyone reccommend a place online where I can buy fresh/freeze dried peppers themselves?
I don't really have the space to grow on my own.  Looking for chocolate habanero's specifically. 
my buddy said to try Puckerbutt, but they seem to sell seeds, and not actual peppers...
any guidance would be appreciated!
Pepperlover.com has a very good selection of fresh peppers. Check the marketplace for deals from vendors on here, the vendor vault has feedback for all of them if you want to check up on them first, or you could post a wanted ad in the classifieds.


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Contact Puckerbutt directly.  They have some chile "mashes" and I think they have chocolate habs.  The mashes are not fermented, just ground up chiles with a bit of vinegar. 
Also contact Refining Fire Chiles.  Refining Fire supplies large orders for processors, I don't think they want to deal will small orders, but if you want 20# or more, they may have some.
Also, I don't know of anywhere to get freeze dried chiles, especially of a unique variety like choc habs.  Let me know if you find some.
Oh, and Louisiana Pepper Exchange has chile mashes.  I think most have salt and vinegar, but contact them directly for clarification. 
Good answers all. I`d add Brian Holmes at www.ghostpepperstore.com
Finding freeze-dried peppers will be tough, but just heat/air dried peppers will be straightforward. I`ve tried freeze-drying and it works great, as you`d expect. However, the equipment needed is really expensive. 


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I would agree with going to Pepperlover.  I have bought at several places this year, and while I have not been disappointed with any of them, Pepperlover has given me the freshest and most variety as well as the best prices.  I have made several return buys because of this.


Chewi said:
Judy has kick ass peppers. When it gets more in to wintertime you'll probably look to FL and TX people. Let everyone know when you decide. :hell:
I see you have a Natural Ice in your icon !  
Couldn't resist shouting out !
Buy yeah - that Judy at PepperLovers - always a better day doing business with her.
Only a couple soft or otherwise unusable pods from any seller.
Personal or commercial.
And that due to the post office smashing the shipments.
Anyone here would be a good choice, because if they weren't, they wouldn't last long.
Worldwide membership, and many commercial entities.
Word spreads fast.