flavor best taste

Changes with every new pepper tasted.
Favorite for taste currently would have to be a tossup between Wild Brazil, White Bullet Habenero, and a slightly hot "rescue" pepper I bought at the end of the local spring plant sale marked as just "Red Chile Pepper".
These are the peppers I have no problem munching on by themselves.

For the superhots, it really depends on what I am eating them in.
Though I sample every example of peppers I get, I don't particularly enjoy gaging or barfing to prove my machismo by gobbling a whole pod by itself.

I Like a Butch T on a really meaty Pizza, but would not put it on a veggie or Hawaiian one.
Powdered Bhut for hot wings.
Powdered misc. unused- in -other- things peppers sit in a shaker marked "HOT" on the table for daily use.
Great in omelets and scrambled eggs. It is currently 3/4 white, yellow and orange peppers content.

To be philosophical about it, my most favorite pepper is------------------------------------

The next one. :dance:
Im gonna have to say my favorite pepper for eating is the fresno pepper... Its so sweet and crispy. And its actually sweet liek a bell pepper, not just "undertones" or anything else people use to call superhots sweet. None of the supers ive had are in the lsightest bit anything close to sweet or fruity. They are either acidic/chemically, or flat and bland.. I like the flat and bland ones such as the yellow 7 and douglah and dorset naga.... But I want to cross a fresno which is ike a sweeter hotter jalapeno with a dorset naga to give it some of that super taste and try to keep the sweetness and crispiness but add alot more heat. I would chop up a handful of fresnos and throw them raw onto a taco or nachos or just abotu anything imm eating.
I love fataliis, but my new favorite is Chupetinha, aka little rubber nipple; (Pimenta Bico). I believe I got the seed from Trade Winds.
Very tasty, but not too hot. I only wish they were larger.
I haven't tried many varieties yet, but my wife and I shared a purira pod the other day and it had a really good flavor, and is my favorite so far.
My favorites are:

Fatalii for straight pepper to mouth use

Yellow 7 pot and yellow Trinidad Scorpion for sauces

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia and Naga Morich for slicing and putting into food

I have to many favorites but those are on top in those categories.
My favorite all around-reach to is the pequin or tepin. The pequin are great on just about anything. I crush em up, put em in soups, on meat whatever. They have a slightly smoky deep chili oil taste and a nice dusty dry heat that packs a good punch for such small pods. When I come down with a cold I put a nice amount of Pequins in some hot chicken broth and sip while sitting in an equally hot bath, talk about sweating up a storm. The next day you feel alot better.

Straight to mouth
I like Jalapenos as the hotter ones tend to have a perfumie taste about the oils to them with a dirt like taste to the flesh
Serranos are good too.
Fatalli, even the green unripes are good, the citrius flavor seems to be more pronounced. Great dried and sprinkled on fish as well.
Orange Habs

Red Chili Sauces:
All New Mexico varieties like Espanola, Chimayo, Hatch and especially NM Barkers XXX Hot.
There are sooo many great tasting chiles around, CURRENTLY my favorites are
Jalapeno (green or ripe) roasted or grilled and used in food or as a condiment. Fresh in salsa de aguacate (Oaxacan recipe)
Fresh Aji amarillo as a condiment
Aji panca molido(powder) in soups and on beans and rice
Aji Pinguita de Mono verde used fresh as a condiment. Great aroma, heat, and flavor! Haven't used ripe ones yet.

Honorable mention: Orange Habanero, Aji Limon (baccatum), Serrano, Jamaican Scotch Bonnet, Aji Limo Rojo, Thai Red, Purira, and many more!

Sweet chiles/peppers: Kaleidoskope, Rocotillo, Trinidad Perfume
Pequins are hands down my favorite followed be thai's. While I like habs and superhots for the heat, I really don't care for the taste. That milky chalky after taste is plah! in my book

The only time I've come close to that taste is with store bought. :/

I personally right now love the flavor of Red Savinas and Yellow Cayennes. Im not sure how I feel about the flavor of the superhot I grew. It might be a naga viper or a butch t. We cant tell. I feel the flavor is a super sharp fruity/citrus/musky taste followed by a thwack of bitter before the heat kicks in which seems to affect the mouth and face almost exclusively and takes a decent bit of time to rise in heat.

I still haven't tried the choc hab but the mustard hab is quite tasty albeit mild for habs. I also will get a chance to try fatalii and datil this year looking forward to it... and doing some research into some varieties mentioned here!

Red Rocoto. Super juicy and flavorful and a nice kick too :fireball:

. Too bad they do not grow well here in Florida :confused:

I forgot about the rocoto! Awesome pepper! Grows pretty decent here in CT and we just bring them inside for the winter... mine is in its second season already flowering and is growing like crazy.

It reminds me of a more playfully sweet cherry pepper with a better kick. They have an awesome shape for stuffing
To me, my long sought after long lost serrano that I have evidently found thanks to this forum.
This would be the "Fire" variety of the serrano.

It is no barn-burner for heat, but the flavor is "spicey" don't know how else to describe it other than that.
I let them get a deep red for that, don't care for them green. One fellow I knew back then loved to eat them raw! He LOVED the taste.

I hope to be able to get ahold of them again as you can see in my opening post on this forum.

Hopefully I will even be able to share the joy..

Just like everyone else my two favorites are the fatalii & pequin/tepin. Someone should try and cross those and see what happens. Hell I'm trying to grow both this year I might give it a shot.

After the fatalii & pequin I'd have to say the aji lemon drop is also a favorite. Incredibly sweet, especially when dried. Good heat too.
CAP 455 - crunchy, juicy, sweet with low heat

Jamy - very crunchy, juicy with medium heat
Aji Lemon Drop
Peach Bhut
Cayenne (for hot sauce)

this year will try a lot of "seasoning" pepper

If i want those superhot i go for my Douglah x Butch T, Butch T, Naga Viper and all those brown superhot
Goats Weed
Caribbean Red
Tabasco, picked orange for maximum frutiness
Good old fashioned Jalapeno. Down here I can sometimes find ones grown in Mexico. In the hottest part of summer the pods will be all cat faced and hot as heck.

Last year I had a thai/unknown chinense cross that was sooo good. Sometimes open pollinated seeds give you a present, too bad the plant didn't make it through the winter :confused:

So many votes for Fatalii, thinking maybe I should grow some and see what all the hype is about.
Yep... Fatali
Unless your talking poppers. Then a plain old jalapeño stuffed with cheese bacon and shrimp and grilled is pretty hard to beat!