pics Blue Peppers


Filius Blue


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I'm going to be trying to grow a few of these to crossbreed them with my peppers
I'm trying to breed them.
To give my peppers bigger fruit
and different color combinations

This will be my

First time growing
Blue Colored peppers.

Thanks for joining
Let me know if
you are interested in trying some of
These seeds......

I have plenty to share.
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As far as I know, there are no blue chili peppers. Purple exists, rarely as the color of the final stage (for example Pimenta da Neyde) as a mutation due to the lack of degradation of the anthocyanins upon maturation. Usually, purple is quite common as a color in the intermediate stage.

Filius Blu chili peppers are red. They are purple in the previous stage. The blue name is for commercial purposes... and so are the photos. Better you know now before starting the project 🙂
Maybe they will get more blue if I use a blue paper towel for seed starting.
They will be transferred in to a blue pot and put inside a "blue" greenhouse next to my
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On a more serious note, I grew them a while ago and like other more "ornemental" varietiies it looks pretty but the fruits are not very useful in the kitchen. Taste wise they don't stand out in any appreciable way, not to mention their small size and seed content. No blue to be expected here neither, only in the name!!
Not sure why but thought let's search for blue pods and found these... I grew these years ago as a matter of fact and they are very good. Kapucijner peas - if you're looking for something new (?) to grow next season - something Dutch that ain't orange for a change. Now let's get back to growing peppers...