ad Bold Badger 2021 Giveaway

It's a busy time at the old Bold Badger Utility Pepper Research Institute.  The sauce has been bottled for over a month now, but I've been too busy doing farmers markets and working on this year's garden to post a giveaway thread.  I have a free evening tonight so I figured why not.
I have a few new sauces this year:
Ambrosia - A fermented sauce made with only chocolate habs.  Very nice on pizza.
OG Ghost - Nothing but ghosts in this one.  Heat level is ridiculous, with a very funky fermented flavor.  Thanks to Sawyer for the old school ghost seeds.
Born To Be Mild - This one is made with only seasoning peppers so it has the same flavor as my other fermented sauces (it's probably closest to the yellow 7 pot), but absolutely no heat.  It's like non-alcoholic hot sauce.
and I've brought back some old favorites:
Yellow 7  Pot - Just as tasty this year.  I'm impressed by how consistent this one is.  It always turns out great.
Overkill - In past years I've blended together half superhots and half lesser heat peppers to make this one.  This year it's nothing but reapers and ghosts.  As such it's even more ridiculously hot.
Dragonfire - Before the first frost I clean off the plants, I pick everything, whether they're ripe or not, and they go into this sauce.  It's kind of a harvest sauce.
Be Afraid, Be Berry Afraid - Haven't made this one in a few years.  Berries and coriander just go together so well.
Curry Leaf Sauce - Last but not least, the curry leaf sauce, formerly Rogan Ouch. I changed the name because it confused too many people. This is one of my personal favorites.  I think this is the strongest batch I've made, as far as the curry leaf flavor goes.
Here's my 2020 grow log so you can see how this year's sauce was made:
Check out my site here to see more info about each sauce:
The first 10 people to reply to this thread will get a free bottle. After there are 10 replies I'll PM everyone to get your address and choice of sauce. I'll cover shipping, but US only, sorry but international shipping gets too pricey. All you have to do is tell your friends about it, that way I can legally write these off as promotional bottles, lol.
Very cool promotion! I really enjoyed the "pepper forward" flavor of the Overkill sauce in past years. And it was hot! If it is even hotter now that sounds even better!  :cool: 
Sure sounds good BB.  Just finished up my last bottle of the Plum Sauce.  
Bold Badger makes some great sauces and what a great giveaway. Get in on this!!!

Thanks for sharing. My post is for a Bump, not for a bottle.
I would like to taste! :)
How much is the transport to Romania?
L.E.: Don't get me wrong. I would like to pay for international shipping. 
Just wanted to I received the bottle of Yellow 7 Pot sauce today and gave it a try at dinner tonight.  This is a really good sauce.  I would definitely recommend it to everyone.  
Now I'm gonna have to order a bottle of the Ambrosia.   :party:
Thanks Bold Badger!
Received the bottle of Ambrosia.  Looking forward to giving it a try.  Thanks BB!