ad Bold Badger 2021 Giveaway

If so I hope I was 9! Definitely one of my fave sauces. :dance:
WOOOO cool! I posted a page back too so I may have beat bpiela. ;) THANKS!
The Hot Pepper said:
Can't wait to try it have loved all your creations so far!
Oh man... Just tried the yellow 7-pot.  It is fantastic.  It has almost a tartness right at the beginning, and then all of the other flavors start melding into it.  Then the heat kicks in.  Excellent job Bold Badger.  I foresee myself placing an order in the near future.  Thanks so much for the sample!
Can't wait to try mine! Thanks for the bottle!
Bold Badger Sauces said:
Also I add some vinegar to the sauce for flavor
This shows you are true saucemaker. I see so many posts about how to avoid vinegar and how people hate vinegar in sauce but they just don't know how to use it. Sauce is great!