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cooking Bolinhos de Bacalhau – Salt Cod Fish Cakes


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Made these earlier today.. Ingredients :flaked salted cod/potatoes/ parsley/thyme/scallion/onions and a bit of pepper,deep fried.My mom made these regularly.Found in your fav. Portuguese restaurant among others.
Fish needs soaking & frequent h20 changes d/t nacl.Tasty finger food..and a nice break from meat :)



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It's good party finger food, they go well with drinks. I have made the ones with shrimp but this is my favorite.
Have to do the spoon thingy as that makes them uniform/neat/compact.
When I lived in NYC i found them in some hole in the wall places in upper Manhattan, some of the Dominican
or Brazilian places had them,similar type food.
Hope Pookie makes some in his new kitchen. :D Stop & Shop sell the salted cod,other places near me sells salted pollock,
not a good substitute IMO.


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That is awesomeness, like deep fried Baccala Mantecato balls.