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Harry Porter V2 (winter 2023)

Same recipe as last year except I added another pound of roasted coconut and replaced the vanilla with chicory in hopes of getting a hint of coffee flavor but no caffeine. Dryer than the first version but also rounder, with coffee-like tones and a nice coconut presence. Mission accomplished, this 5.64% ABV beer is a real winter treat. Cheers!
I AM a huge fan of dark beers, and I'd treat Harry Porter like a backyard pool - strip down naked and jump right in! Looks awesome!
Not sure how tall/big you are but you probably wouldn't fit in my 5 gallons refurbished Pepsi keg!!
You have a refurbished Pepsi keg? Please show us proof.
Not that I feel the need to prove anything but I'm curious🤔 Is this something that is hard to find in your area? They are quite available and if you are patient enough you can get them at a very reasonable price around here...