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bpiela's 2016 Glog

Had a hard time following the weather reports here in NJ this year (actually didn't pay attention) and a frost killed the garden before I could dig up plants and bring them in to OW.  I did grow some peppers in containers so I decided to move the best of them inside.  Thus, I am OW'ing the following:
Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate grown from seeds from Baker's.  This plant did well in the container but really never produced any pods.  If I can keep it alive, it will kick butt next season.
Habanero White Bullet grown form seeds from Juanito.  Got plenty of pods from this guy and I am happy to OW it.  Still plenty of pods on it and I plan on harvesting them.
Cayenne Red that I purchased from a local store.  This plant was large for a store bought plant and did great.  I am still getting pods off of it after moving it indoors.  I definitely need to prune it back once I harvest all of the pods off of it.
Aji Melocoton grown from seeds from Pepperlover.  This plant grew true, it was not one of the Aji Penec's that some folks got (including myself) that were mislabeled.  I pruned it way back and the plant still is going strong. I can't imagine an OW'd baccatum. This should be fun.
Some unknown variety purchased from a local store that was mislabeled.  I will post pictures of the pods if anyone wants to guess what it is.  Large pendant pods that grow up and mature red.
Masquerade.  This plant was in a display that was at my father-in-law's wake.  We kept the display and I will do my best to keep this plant going.  These pods go from green to dark purple to red and grow upwards.  Nice plant and it will be a nice memory.
Other than that, I did start some seeds today as a first wave kind of thing.  I am using Park's starters as my planting medium.  Each starter block contains 18 cells in a 3 x 6 layout.  I planted three cells of the following:
Block 1:  Lindberg Figueroa peppers
Aji Jobito
Aji Llaneron
Aji Margariteno
Aji Pepon
Aji Rosita
Aji Rosita Rojo
Block 2: Seeds from peppers I grew or purchased.   The Thai Orange Large is from romy6.  The "Mel Unknown" are seeds from a pod a friend named Mel gave me.  He got the peppers from a trip to the Caribbean.  I have a picture somewhere of what a mature plant looks like and I will follow up with a post.
Thai Hot Ornamental
Thai Orange Large
Mel Unknown
Cumari Do Para
Peri Peri
Trotalino Amoraoso
Block 3: More seeds from plants I have grown in the past and a few from Wicked Mike's Seed Train from last season.
Aji Amarillo
Aji Colorado
Inca Red Drop
Criolla Sella
Birgit's Locoto
Not going with too many superhots up front.  Next rounds of seeds will get the superhots going.  I am liking the small hot pepper thing hence the Thai Hot Ornamental, the Cumari do Para and the Peri Peri.  I hope to get some CAP 691 seeds from Pepperlover.  Got some of them in a SFRB from Wicked Mike this season and I thought those peppers rocked.

Here is a pic of the Mel Unknown.  The plant grows very big it seems. I just have seeds. That is not a picture of any plant that I have.
Devv said:
Your kicking it! Plants are looking really nice
And kudos for giving away the plants. LB and I always give our excess produce or plants to the blue collar workers we work with, as we both started there. The rest can buy their own..LOL
I have this feeling you will have more pepper than the law allows...LOL
Keep it green!
Thanks!  I always appreciate the positive vibes.  Have a great 4th on Long Island.
bpiela said:
Starting with some of the containers, here are two Orange Manzano's hanging out next to each other.  I have purple buds!  Hopefully, I will get some pods soon!

This CGN24360 is pumping out the mini pods all over!

Here are my two Blue Mystery's.  They are growing like crazy.

Makes me wonder if they are a cross.  Here is a typical blurry closeup of one of the pods.  Are they supposed to be that shape?

Into the garden.  Here is an Aji Cristal.  Not from the Growdown.

Next is a Chinese Multicolor looking very multicolor-ish...

A Thai Hot Spezzano.  Pods grow up and are 2.5 to 3" long.  I got another one growing at my sister's place.  These are great plants!

I know this pic is blurry but it got a lot going on.  This is a Habalokia Peach Lavalamp.  Got a few runt red pods.  I would guess the big guys will be red as well.

Aji Mango pods growin'.

Vladan's Beauties.  Cool little purple pendant pods that grow up in clusters.

An Ammazzo from CCN.  Starting to look like the pics on their website.

Crazy bud action on one of my tomatos. 

Lastly, a Jalapeno Giant.  What do you think is going on with the leaves?

Thanks for stopping by.
all looks great my friend !       :onfire:    
bpiela said:
On the Manzano, if I ever get pods, I will definitely be saving seeds.  If you are interested, I will definitely send some your way.
Thanks for the offer Ben, but I'm OK for Pubiscens varieties just now. One tip on the Pubes... They grow and ripen so slowly compared to other varieties, I think the heart of people's germination problems with them is that they pick them when they look ripe, but the seeds may not be quite viable yet.  You might want to let the pods get a little over-ripe before extracting the seeds to put aside for next year. Cheers!
moruga welder said:
all looks great my friend !       :onfire:    
OCD Chilehead said:
Great looking garden. Looks like it's taking off. Nice healthy plants.
Trident chilli said:
Great pants and that Chinese Multi-Colour must add a splash of colour to your garden
Thanks guys!  I always appreciate the good vibes!  I do like the colors on the Chinese Multi-Colour and I am looking forward to getting larger pods on my Aji Omicolor that is across the row from it.
stickman said:
Thanks for the offer Ben, but I'm OK for Pubiscens varieties just now. One tip on the Pubes... They grow and ripen so slowly compared to other varieties, I think the heart of people's germination problems with them is that they pick them when they look ripe, but the seeds may not be quite viable yet.  You might want to let the pods get a little over-ripe before extracting the seeds to put aside for next year. Cheers!
Thanks for this tip!  With all of the other successful pubescens growers showing pods, I could see picking a future pod early...  I will try to keep my cool.
Here is an update of my C. Galapagoense.  I had three plants germinate successfully but lost two of them after transplanting.   Interesting thing is the small root ball on these plants.  Maybe it was the reason why my plants died...  This one is doing great, however.  No pods yet, but a couple of small buds at the top of the plant. 

The rest of this update is really for me for historical purposes.  I like to see how the garden is doing by a certain date.  If I post these pics, I can refer back to them next year to compare how I am doing.  These pics are from left to right, all of the rows of the garden.
This first row is mixed varieties.  My Aji Cristal is in the front and in the back, looming above all others is my Trinidad Perfume.

This row is mostly annuum.  My Chinese Multicolor is about halfway back.  A lot of my thai plants are here as well.

This row has my frutescens on the left.  In the front there are the Zimbabwe Bird and the Prik Kee Noo Suan.

Chinense row.  Not many pods here yet.  But there will be...

Baccatum row.  An Aji Amarillo is large in the front on the right.  Being huge in the back in my OW Aji Melocoton.  One good thing here is my Aji Colorado is doing good.  It is not large, in fact I thought it was going to die a few days after planting.  I had to trim it way back.  It now has flowers and the start of a pod.

Annuum row.  Comparatively, this row doesn't seem to be doing as well, but I am happy with it.  Many pods on the plants that cannot be seen from this pic.

Last row is a mix of stuff, including some plants that I nursed back to life. In the front are my Bahamian Goat, a Scotch Bonnet MOA and a Bhut Jolokia Giant that all should have died due to my lighting issues I had.  I was able to save them and now they are started to throw out flowers.  By the blue stake is my Peruvian Serlano for the Growdown.  Not much action there as of yet...
Just a couple of updates.
Here is a an Inca Red Drop.  This plant got a gazillion pods last year and it looks like it is heading in that direction this year

Here are some pics of my not Shabu Shabu, the seeds I received from Floricole.  These pods look like they can be in the Big Jim growdown...

Lastly, here is a pic of some pods picked today.  I have been getting a pod here and there.  These are from right to left a Guajillo, a Ms. Junie and then a Big Bang.
On vacation this week but I did take a couple of pics before I left. 
Some whole garden pics, one from each side of the garden.


Here is a pic of a Ancho Poblano.  This plant was really sickly when I planted it in May.  I was able to keep it alive and it is now doing very well. 

Lastly, some chinense that I forgot what it is.  I think it is a Nagabrains that I purchased from Juanitos.

Hopefully, we will get some rain while on vacation this week.  My son is around today to water.  Hope everyone is having a great summer.
Trident chilli said:
Ben your plants are so green and healthy and producing loads of great pods ... have a great vacation
Devv said:
Enjoy your vacation Ben!
And when you return poddage will be the story ;)
stickman said:
Things are looking great in your chile bed Ben.. I hope they look as well when you get back from vacation. I'm seeing lots of flowers in your pics so I hope for lots of new pods when you get back!
Thanks guys!  Much appreciated.  I am back from vacation amidst this crazy head wave.  I was able to get help from my neighbors who did a great job keeping the plants watered.  The only negative was that the local animals have discovered my tomatos.  Any tomato larger than a cherry tomato was eaten.  But, I did get a mini harvest.  Here is a shot of what I pulled:

Nothing too crazy.  These are 3 large Fresno, a Bubba, a Jalamundo, some Chinese multi's, 2 Aci Sivri, 2 Kung Pao crosses, some orange cayenne, one singe super chile, a Chupetinho mystery cross, White bullet Habs, a peri peri, a bishops hat, a Mystery Red, some Criolla Sella, 2 Takanotsume, 3 yatsafusa and a handful of CGN24360.
I will be out weeding today at my sister's house so I will have photos to post on that location later. 
Ok.  It was too bright to take pics with the ole iPhone.  I did get one that came out ok.  This is a pic of my Cabai Burong Undu plant at my sisters garden.  It is close to 4' tall.

I did get a mini harvest over there as well.  Here is the pic:

We got a couple of yellow squash followed by:
A few Bonda Ma Jacques, a dozen or so Super Chiles, 3 Trinidad Perfume, a Purple Bell, a single Bob's Pickling, a handful of Thai Spezzano, a handful of the Galapagos Island Hab x CGN 21500, some Chocolate Sprinkles maters, a few Red Lightning maters, some sizeable Shishito, a few Peri Peri, some yellow Krootown, and a number of Vacquero Jalapenos.  Will be eating some with a taco dinner this evening!
Great pod's. The garden is filling in nicely. Glad to hear the nieghbors did a good job watering. Not many times that happens. LOL

Good luck with the weeding. The least liked part of gardening.