Calling all Cast Iron Chefs

Put my new Cast Iron Casserole dish to use in my Chicken Pie, was great, hope to use it more. Was about $10 and Real Canadian Superstore.
Well, I totally Ef-ed up my Finex skillet.

I had some pork belly for a TD rendering down and getting all happy-happy. Thought I turned the burner OFF but turned it a bit too far and the burner was on HIGH. I ran down to the corner store, and came home to the house on the stove...



Totally carbonized everything, I scraped out the mass formerly known as Pork Belly out.


I scraped out a bunch with a metal turner, then worked on it a bit with a green scrubby pad with granular dishwashing soap as an abrasive. It got most of the sticky grease out, but there was carbon stuff on the bottom of the pan. The SS pastry scraper/blade was able to get everything off the bottom, basically down to original metal with no seasoning.


Finex website says-
Q: How do I restore my cast iron cookware?
Sometimes bad things happen to good cast iron cookware. First, scrub the inside of your cookware with steel wool. Promptly dry your cookware after washing it (try to avoid soaking the spring handle in water and soap). Lightly coat the inside and outside with the cooking oil of your choice and bake it in the oven at 400º for an hour. If you don’t still see the desired results, feel free to send us an email at

I coated the pan with canola oil and into the 400F oven. After 15 minutes, it was looking like this-

I did a couple swipes with the paper towel to re-coat the pan and back into the oven.


:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
I got my pan back! :woohoo:


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After trying to recondition the Finex pan with no sucess, i stuck it in the cupboard for 7 years. On a whim, i was checking out the Finex website looking for CI fir the kid and found they offered a lifetime warranty. Contacted, emailed, they said...send it in!

The reconditioner said it was one of the oldest skillets he has ever seen, but not the worst ever sent in for reconditioning. He even stepped it up and replaced the handle, end cap and lid knob so everything is bright and shiny! Wow! This skillet was one of the original skillets sold on their kickstarter

Check them out. They have a good selection of pans now.

Lets resurrect this CI thread!
My first attempt with the Dutch oven last year was a fail. :doh: Didn’t get it hot enough with the recommended coals. Still got alot to learn about cooking with CI especially with coals.

I don’t know much about cast iron cooking but, I’ve slowly been accumulating pieces of cookware over the last few years. So far, all Lodge stuff, minus the BGE little sauce pot. I just cleaned up and reseasoned all of my stuff this morning, and now I’ve really got the urge to do some surf and turf on my Kamado Joe, lol. I want to do a ribeye and lobster tail with a sheeeeeetload of garlic butter soon :party:

As I’m typing this, I just remembered that I also have a 16” x 10” Lodge griddle plate out in my garage that I forgot to do :doh: