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fermenting Can I fix this?

First attempt, airlocked jar, I did submerge the mash with a weights but seems I didn't do it well, there were np particles that high but now this is the case.

10 days into fermentation, I never opened it.

is that yeast, mold?
Can I just scoop it out and go for another 2 weeks or 3? or just throw it?

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Picture is kinda blurry, but I'm not liking what I'm seeing. If there are "colors" in the growth, it's mold. Also, what's growing in the area I circled looks slimy. I'm thinking this is mold, not kahm yeast. Kahm yeast is snow-white and looks like a powder has been sprinkled on top of your ferment. Sorry, but based on what I'm seeing, I'd pitch it. But don't do it yet, let's see what others say.

A little update,

I decided to open it and smell it as ADRUNKK suggested, didn't smell rotten or off at all, doesn't look slimly, I let the wife smell it too and she agreed.

I think my mistake was that I put baking paper underneath the weight, I see now that it was unnecessary, but at the time I thought it was a dry fermenting so I wanted everything to be kinda together, but what actually happened is that the weight pressed on the center of the paper and the side of the paper elevated exposing some chili to the air, the green parts are jalapenos, not mold. Here some pics

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Now I scooped up the top bit with a sterilized spoon added a little of olive oil and a bit of salt sprinkle, I don't know why I did that just thought so it won't be exposed to the air, sterilized the weight and put it back, hope that would work, it's my last resort to save this ferment, I probably will keep it for 40 days total instead of the initial plan of 30 days. (some pics below)
a friend from India suggested to put it under the sun but I think she is talking about pickling achar like mango or lemon.
Any thoughts are appreciated.


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