flavor Can you honestly taste the difference??

How reliably can you taste the difference between similar chilli peppers?

  • Fairly reliablly if the heat is very different

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  • Very reliably unless the heat is similar

    Votes: 5 31.3%
  • I'll get the species correct 70% of the time or better !

    Votes: 6 37.5%
  • I'd need to see the pod in order to send my taste buds in the right direction..!

    Votes: 5 31.3%

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Often I can tell the color of pods by taste alone. Orange is usually my favorite for sweet peppers, but yellow for C. chinenses
Smokenstein said:
I'm not experienced enough yet to say that I'd be able to tell certain peppers apart. I'm hoping to be able to tell between the peppers I'm growing this year and then maybe I'll be able to expand on that next year.

I'm with ya on that Smokenstein. This is the first season I've actually been able to get past heat and really taste the fruitiness of different peppers. However, I can only really identify a few families of peps on taste alone. :fireball:
I answered that I could tell the difference if there was a disparity in heat. If you gave me 10 varieties of superhots I surely would get confused on some of them. I know some tastes very well, because I am used to them. (ie orange hab, fatalii, caribbean red, etc.) However, if you gave me Bhut, Naga Morich, and Naga Jolokia back to back to back, I would never be able to tell. I will have to do further study on this though. :lol:
The 7 pot and naga would be hard to differentiate, but you wouldn't confust either for a scotch bonnet.

I might confuse the 2 superburners, but I would get them right other than that.
I imagine over time I could. Right now I'm too much of a noob.

@JayT I think you'd have to erase the sense of the last one to try the next. Kind of the way you cleanse your palate with pickled ginger when you have sushi. I bet if you spent a day getting to know those chili's you could do it.