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preservation Canning Ghost and Trinidad hot sauce

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bottle..png I have a basket full of hot peppers. Trinidad Scorpions, Ghost,cayenne and an unknown. I want to make sause and can it. I have read Hot sauce 101 and fermenting - Imay ferment a few too. I bought 5oz shaker bottles to put it in but found I cannot can them in that. I have to use mason jars. Has anyone used a pressure cooker for hot pepper sauce? If so how long under pressure and in what size jars do you use? How can I keep sauce in the 5oz bottle as shown for an extend period of time? I want to give some as a gift so need to make sauce that has a decent shelf life. If I use more vinegar in my sauce or citric acid will that help it keep in bottle? ALSO want to add mango and pineapple to a small batch> I have not found much information on pressure cooking hot sauce or canning hot sauce. I have found loads of recipes where sauce only lasts three weeks. That Is NOT what i want. Any old hotties out there that can guide me. My first time doing this.


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Follow the instructions from the Ball canning website. They have lots of recipes on their Fresh Preserving website. You can substitute like for like as long as you keep the ratios/weights of the ingredients consistent. For example, you can substitute scorpions for habs or serranos.

I think giving hot sauce in small canning jars is fine. Then you don't have to worry about making sure the pH is safe and all that when using woozy bottles.
Good Luck and Have Fun!

Fruit salsa recipe-
substitute the fruit and chiles you want, puree the snot out of it (sieve it if you want) add some vinegar or pineapple juice for a thinner consistency. Pineapple juice adds acidity while keeping the sweeter fruit flavor, vinegar will add more of a bite.
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Then you don't have to worry about making sure the pH is safe and all that when using woozy bottles.
I would aim for target pH in all cases, because then they don't have to refrigerate after opening. You never know, the person you gift it to may think it's safe to keep out like a normal hot sauce.