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plant CAP 212 Identification Needed

So i got seeds a few years ago and been growing out CAP 212 C. chacoense for a while now but some other seeds must of got into the mix. and i have been growing them out as well. It is some kind of wild baccatum but i never seen anything like it. Any help would be great. Heres some photos, Thanks in advance...
CAP 212 #1 Baccatum Pepper 1000x562.jpg
CAP 212 #1 Baccatum Pepper 1000x5620.jpg
CAP 212 #1 Baccatum Pepper 1000x5621.jpg
CAP 212 #1 Baccatum Pepper 1000x5622.jpg
CAP 212 #1 Baccatum Pepper 1000x5623.jpg
Heres some pics of my CAP 212 C. chacoense Strange they are a type alongado that is embroidered
CAP 212 chacoense Pepper Large 1000x5623.jpg
CAP 212 chacoense Pepper Large 1000x5621.jpg
CAP 212 chacoense Pepper Large 1000x5620.jpg
CAP 212 chacoense Pepper Large 1000x562.jpg

Just to help you understand what @Pr0digal_son was saying, below are photos of REAL CAP212 C. chacoense. Take note of the major differences in morphology between them and your stepped on “CAP212” which likely had some C. annuum var gab get into the mix before you got them and grew them. Having an eye for morphology is important but in the event you miss some diagnostics, it’s more important to actually take the advice from the people who are capable of properly identifying Capsicum species and potential hybrids. Just think of how many sales you’ve made of your stepped on “CAP212” to the public…all those buyers now growing not only your hybrid…but likely getting that even newer F1 you posted at the top of this thread…


See the GLARING differences? This is what more experienced members here were attempting to point out to you. You’ve always had the wrong thing. Not just now that some C baccatum ended up in the mix. You started with a hybrid and now it’s been hit again by some foreign pollen donor…