capsaicin Capsaicin test results

floricole said:
do you have the original link of the test ?
No, unfortunately I don't. It was originally posted by a Japanese individual by the name of Akutagawa Masayukion on the Facebook forums. He owns the website I posted in the link above.
Jeffcontonio said:
Unfortunately I'm not able to translate all the info, hopefully someone else can.

The only info I have in regards to the actual testing was that it was performed in Japan at a pharmaceutical company.

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It may be worth the try...
There's not too much to gleam.

I can see it noted in the key that the columns C and DC are capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin, respectively.

The header is something-pepper sample- something. Sample date, below that.

I cannot read the kanji in the column that precedes the C, DC columns. Which I will try and figure out.

My kanji is awful but I will have a go at it tomorrow. Or failing that, message my auntie who lives in Japan and habe her do it.