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Capsaicin vs. pain neurotransmitters - Calling all chile alchemists

Weird thing about dmso, you could buy it off the shelf back in the 80's and then it was banned for a while. I think it was the dead Kennedy's that wrote a song about it, the lyrics go if you put a drop of lemon juice in DMSO and touched it with your finger you could taste the lemon juice.
Not sure if you ever tried Voltaren Gel (diclofenac sodium 1 %) but that and 800mg Motrin works really well. It's prescription but doctors seem to have no problem rxing it. Both are non-narcotic.
I would also wholeheartedly like to see SL incorporate her Pure Evil into a medicinal product. This is a great thread! Thank you for sharing. Cheers!
I've never experienced any of the old timey tastes commonly reported when using the industrial grade DMSO. It just doesn't happen with the 99.995% purity.
I don't know about a topical diclofenac gel but I know the 75 mg diclofenac sod pills (WPI 339) very well. I used them for years  but in an off-label manner. That works okay but there's no comparison to the capsaicin treatments. The capsaicin is so much more basic and elemental. The pain must still be there but I simply can't feel it with nuked pain receptors. It's perfect for me.
After 2 years and 3 months and a total of 27 treatments since the first experiment, I'm happy. When I make up another batch of this medicine, I think I'll kick up the capsaicin percentage to see what happens. In the way I think, if the 10% DMSO/capsaicin solution I've been using since December of 2017 is good, maybe 15% is better.
very interesting information.
thank you for sharing your progress.  
im going to look into trying this. it would make life much more enjoyable.