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catchthebear 2020

A little slow out of the gate this year, but I had some time today to get some seeds dropped this afternoon.
Most everything here has come from trades this year, so a very big thank you to all that have swapped with me.  I also have at least another 100 or so varieties I plan to start very soon.  Will likely start those at work and not keep tabs on them as much until they're a bit larger, so those will probably show up in this Glog some point further down the line.  
Here's what I got rolling today as well as some photos.  Thanks for scoping it out!
7 Pot Gravedigger Red
Aji Confusion
BJh-3 Purple Thunder
Bellingrath Gardens
Bhut X Neyde
Black Naga X Peri Peri F2
Blue Mystery
C. Eximium White Flower
C. Galapagonese
CGN 19198
CGN 20497
CGN 21500 X BBG F3
Cabai Burungu Ungu
Candlelight Classic
Cap 217
Cap 503
Chupetino Black
Chupetino Black Peach
Chupetino Peach
Chupetino Pink
Chupetino Red
Chupetino White
Dark Thai
Death Spiral
Devil's Brain
El Incendio X Naga
Flexuosum Purple Flower
Giuseppe Mystery
Guyana Tragedy
Indian PC-1
Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion
King Boc Purple Leaf
Li Black
Lord Voldemort F3
MAMP Purple Berrygum
Marusha Variegated
Monster Mutant
Monstergum Leopard
Moruga X CGN 21500
Mutant Candlelight V1
Mutant Indonesia
Mutant X Cross
Nazghul's Breakfast F4
Not Buforum
Numex Halloween
Peach Ghost Jami
Pimenta Fat Chris
Pink Tiger X Ghost
Pink Tiger X Naga
Pink Tiger X Peach Reaper F3
Purple Ghost Scorpion
Purple Pequin
Purple Pumpkin
Purple Reaper
Purple Tiger X Jalapeno
Rocoto Amarillo de Arequipa
Rusty Nail
SBS Purple
Scarlett's Chili
Shark X
Sharpei Zou-Pi (CGN 16907)
Sugar Rush Red Striped
T Rex
T Rex Yellow
Taj Majal Pink Minion F4
Tepin Cappuccino
Tree Habanero
Turbo Pube X Ulupica
Volante Peach
White Moruga
Wiri Wiri
Xion #1
Xion #2
Xion #2 X Candlelight Mutant
Yellow Biquinho
Yellow Bird Pepper
Yellow Brain Strain
Yellow Pequin








My 2019 Grow Log  http://thehotpepper.com/topic/71476-catchthebear-2019/
Dropped some more seeds this evening.  Aside from a few stragglers here and there, I think that should about do it for peppers this season. 
African Bird Orange
Aji Ayuyo
Aji Cachuca Behique
Aji Charapita
Aji Omni Color
BIH Jolokia Black
Baccatum Var Baccatum
Bahamian Beast Peach
Bingo F3
Black Jalapeno X Five Color Cayenne
Black Knight
Black Naga X Peri Peri
Black Scorpion Tongue
Brasilero Tres Lobos
Cabai Keritang
Cap 1242 Orange x Cap 1491
Cap 1491
Cap 528
Chacoense Most Prolific
Chocolate Naga Viper
Cumari do Para
Dedo De Moca
Ecuador Purple
Facing Heaven
Gorgon Jellyfish
Haes XX
Hair Pepper
Hyperpube X Yellow
JPGS X Reaper Long Stinger
Jalapeno White
Jays Red Ghost Scorpion
Little Bastard
Lucifer's Lemons
Mako  Akokosrade
Maui Purple
Maul's Red Hot
Mojo Blackie
Nagabrain Yellow X Pumpkintail
Numex Pumpkin Spice
Numex Sunburst
Numex Sunglo
Paradiscum Alaku Sarga Szentes
Peach Reaper
Peito De Moca
Peter Orange
Peter Red
Pimenta Diomar
Pink Tiger
Prairie Fire
Pretty in Purple
Purple Fish Pepper
Purple Ghost Scorpion
Purple Haze
Purple Naga Viper
Purple Pequin
Purple Thai
Purple UFO
Reaper X Pink Tiger
Red Cumari
Roc Cap 1242 X Orange F2
Roc Giant Yellow X Cap 1491
Royal Black
Sparkler X Garda Fireworks
Sugar Cane
Tennessee Teardrops
Tuscan Wild
Variegate Jalapeno



wiriwiri said:
Wishing you an exciting & successful grow year Matt...seed list is so impressive.
Thank you, Sandi.  :) It's going to be interesting to see how this season pans out, as I'm likely moving before it's time to put them in the ground.  These guys might be going on a little road trip! 
I hope you have a really good season ahead of you as well. 
Good luck with that portable grow, Matt!
That will be interesting!
Hope your move is a good one, if it comes to pass.

Not the most exciting photo, but these guys have popped up so far from that initial set of seeds.  Turned most of the lights off so it's a bit easier on the eyes.  
I'll let them all hang out in there 'til they're a bit larger and repot them. I'm going to use these small grow bags I got this year in addition to quart containers (which worked pretty well for me last year in my flood shelves). 
PaulG said:
Off to a good start, Matt!
Thirty down, 470 to go!
Thanks, Paul!  Lol!  So far so good. :)
CaneDog said:
+1 to that!  Seems like good activity, especially for just 8 days.  Looks like the PC-1 came up for you just fine.  I'm looking forward the ones you sent me doing the same.
Yeah, not bad activity so far, CD! I had all 4 of the PC-1 seeds I started sprout for me.  Hope yours pop up for you soon.
Started some more seeds...because I don't know why.  :P  (Got some I was really looking forward to finally arrive from a bud in Australia and had to get 'em going.  May as well fill up the tray while I'm at it!)
Berry Creme BBG
Black Phantom Red Black
Blue Ghost Purple
Hallow's Eve
Jays X Pink Pheno
Leopard Reaper
Nagagum Peach Italia F3
Olho de Peixe
Pimenta Leopard
Pink Habanero
Purple Bhut
RR Big Peach
Reaper X JPGS
Reaper X Pink F4
Star Scream
Yellow Brainstrain X Pimenta Leopard
Saw those bags last season.
They looked like they worked very well.
Some varieties in #16 list are new to me.
PaulG said:
Saw those bags last season.
They looked like they worked very well.
Some varieties in #16 list are new to me.
Yeah, I'm curious to see how they do.  Cheap enough!
Devv said:
Quite an ambitious grow there.
Good luck this season! Especially with all those plants ;)
Thanks Devv! :)  It's a lot of plants... I said I wasn't gonna do it to myself and I went ahead and did it anyway.  Lol