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Have 6 plants growing. Besides keeping our cats doped up we have been making tea. We use the leaf, lemon grass, oregano and several other herbs for a nice relaxing night time brew. Chewing the root can be used as a stimulant. Very good stuff. Really getting into medicinal plants. Greenhouse is full of all kinds of cool things such as kratom, yerba mate, dragon fruit and other things. One of the coolest is sea onion. You use the leaves as band aids that has a natural antiseptic. If your into teas try growing some catnip.
I like catnip tea.

I used to have severe stomach pain, it was debilitating to the point I could not even stand up. It has occurred several times in my life but mostly when I was younger and since I stopped drinking booze it hasn't returned.

When I was around 20 years old I found catnip tea helped make the pain bearable to the point that I could move around. It helped when things like mint didn't.
I have no idea why but I still like Catnip.

I even named a daughter after it.

It grows wild around here in Utah so I don't devote garden space to it but I appreciate it and several friends have dedicated patches of it for their .
Got Catnip all over the place front and back.
Oregano is an important "Health" herb, Turmeric is another important one thats easy to do once you know how (hates wet soil), Valerian is great for digestive issues and sleep, Hops for digestive/renal system and calming, Evening primrose Oil for skin conditions.
We have two cats. We bought some catnip once a few years back. One cat largely ignored it. The other cat rolled around in it, freeked out and then pissed on my couch. So no more cat nip.

Been reading about cat grass lately which I guess is just grass formulated to aid in digestion and whatnot but with no euphoric feeling.

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I use to mix equal parts of chamomile and catnip for a great evening tea that never failed to send me off when I was too wound up to sleep.. Never needed any sweetener for that drink.
You were talking about Tumreric.. Where do you recommend getting Turmeric starts from? My ginger finally started sprouting, so I'm feeling confident. I've wanted both for a while now. 
Also, since you mentioned it.. Have any of you ginger growers used just the shoots/leaves for anything? I usually don't dig up Ramps when I find them, instead just taking a few leaves from each group.. I find the flavor pretty similar to the bulb. I've heard ginger is similar in that regard and just curious about it. Doubt I'll be harvesting anything from mine for a time yet.