labels Catsup or Ketchup- what spelling do you like?


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I probably know how this discussion will go, but I gotta ask...

Do you prefer CATSUP or KETCHUP spelling for that tomato based condiment?

Might as well get another question asked while I am at it.
How hot on a 1-10 scale (10 being the hottest, fry your face, noone can actually eat it) would you like a made from scratch spicy catsup/ketchup?

Thanks for your comments.
I like ketchup. Catsup sounds like something Abbot would ask Costello for. I love a spicy ketchup, smoky too. My suggestion would be two peppers, chipotle, and a hotter one to add some heat. I'd like to see it at a chilihead 5, a REAL medium. Maybe a 6. No more.
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I was thinking 4-5 heat level. The first couple batches are 3-4. The tomatoes and a bit of brown sugar are toning it down.
Yeah I don't mind 4-5 if that's on the chilihead scale. If that's like a Tostitos medium, no! That's like a... 0.5 on mine lol.
Ketchup is as hard as cola to replicate. Companies with millions of dollars still can't get them right. My fave is still Heinz but I like the organic since it has no HFCS (they also have a Simply Ketchup that is not organic but is all natural)... and my choice for an off brand that really nails it is Annie's if you want to check it out.
+1 for Ketchup
Catsup just doesn’t look right imo

I like heat but not too much for ketchup. I used to mix Tabasco with ketchup and it wasn’t that bad. Whataburger here has their own spicy ketchup that I’m not crazy about but many people love it and it’s probably a 2 on the the heat scale. Think ketchup with mild heat works the best.
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Ketchup (Heinz only!). 2 or maybe 3 on the heat scale would be enough for me, hotter than that I'd probably use regular Heinz + powder or other hot sauce.

Here's a very decent "Catsup" made in Montreal by Microsausserie Piko Peppers. It contains red habanero but the heat is still quite low & enjoyable.

Have you tried Hunt's lately? Last week when I did a side by side comparison, I had to give it to Hunt's. I've always seen Hunt's as the "cheaper" option but was quite surprised to be enjoying it more.
Not lately but I'll try it again when I have the chance. I ate French's ketchup several times last summer and honestly didn't fall in love with it either!
If anyone can remember, what is the price for a 5 oz ketchup?