labels Catsup or Ketchup- what spelling do you like?


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I probably know how this discussion will go, but I gotta ask...

Do you prefer CATSUP or KETCHUP spelling for that tomato based condiment?

Might as well get another question asked while I am at it.
How hot on a 1-10 scale (10 being the hottest, fry your face, noone can actually eat it) would you like a made from scratch spicy catsup/ketchup?

Thanks for your comments.
It's called tomato sauce in South Africa, ketchup if you're getting it from Burger King. A 3 on the hotness scale would be good, not so hot your face melts off, but just enough heat. lol
Another vote for k-e-t-c-h-u-p.

Heat-wise, I also subscribe to the sriracha-level heat. In fact, I make a puddle of Heinz and squirt about half-again as much sriracha in it, then stir it up with a french fry. Excellent.

Also not a Hunt's fan - too sweet. Heinz has a much more tomato-forward flavor.

Those pictures ^^^ look like 5oz woozies. Not Nulle's. :lol:
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:lol: at Tink~'s catsup=what the cat horked up...:lol:

And thanks for the comments about what it's called elsewhere. Tomato Sauce. Here in the state's, tomato sauce is just tinned ground up tomatoes, with maybe a bit of salt or Italian Herbs/etc. It is not the sugared, seasoned, stuff generally thought of as served on Fries/Chips/deepfriedtatersliceswedgesetc...
I wish!!!!

pH is about 4.0, i might be able to get it a few points lower, but probably not low enough to not hot fill. :( plastic bottle inventory is kind of scarce also.
I am trying to avoid having to keep octagon shaped traditional ketchup shaped inventory. We were thinking to put it in an 8 oz quadra bottle, same as the steak sauce.

Guess it will be smacking on the bottom of the bottle unless you have a narrow knife blade...
I'd prefer the 12 oz BBQ style. The skinny one so it makes sense for ketchup.
Those are pretty easy to get thick BBQ sauce out of. Wide mouth and the neck is not too long.
Also this one but I think it looks better in the skinny one.
High school drama class, silent skits with a sound track, my favorite was a girl miming ordering at the burger counter, got the tray and bottle of ketchup, waiting for the sauce to the song....Anticipation....:lol:
I have the 12 oz bbq sauce bottles in stock. But more volume is more $$.

It will probably depend on the final product cost. If i can get it it to a sell point of $6.99 like the rest of Texas Creek items, i woukd be happy to use the 12 ou z sauce bottles.

Side note...the local supplier stopped carrying the stoneground mustard i have used for years. Now What?!?! Price went up from the mfg so the supplier stopped buying. I can buy straight from the mfg by the pallet and by Pick Up...... hmmm...not quite at that scale yet....

Guess what! We may be looking at completely house made mustards soon!
8.5 oz seems like a small amount. Does 10 oz work? I like these bottles too.
Those 10oz look good, wider neck than a woozie. I will be asking the PA about plastic packaging, it sure would be nice to use a squeeze bottle!