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ChilliCrosser 2021 Belated Glog

OK, I know this is late in the season but having just registered on this forum I thought it was better late than never.
This year my aims are:
  • Grow a wide range of varieties that I’ve not grown before to find some new favourites.
  • Attempt some new crosses because it’s fun to try them even if they don’t all succeed or result in anything desirable.
  • Grow out some crosses I’ve been working on over recent years.
Growing methods being used:
  • Vast majority of these are growing outside in containers in the UK, so not the longest season and variable weather to contend with. I’ve found keeping the containers slightly smaller improves the chances of getting ripe pods in our climate when growing outdoors.
  • A small number of plants in smaller containers within a small glass grow house.
  • Some plants also inside the grow house but in a flood and drain Wilma system, clay pebble media, first season trying this.
  • A selection of other plants indoors in mini Mason jars using the modified Kratky hydro method. I keep these plants small and in small jars to try and speed fruit production. I tend to create most of my crosses using these plants.
  • A trusty Aerogarden Bounty for growing on some crosses in the off season.
  • A Botanium indoor flood and drain planter, not the biggest fan but I have an early season Sugar Rush Stripey that’s been loving it.
Seeds were started during January and February and then spent way too many months indoors as we had very late frosts this year. Fair to say I had lots of root bound plants by the time they made it to their permanent homes.
Varieties I’m growing this season are............
C.Annuum - I’ve not grown many annuums over the years so making up for it this season
  • Antep Aci Dolma
  • Buena Mulata
  • Candy Cane Sweet
  • Farmers Market Jalapeno
  • Fish
  • Hawaiian Sweet Red
  • Indian Chilli Bullet
  • Jalapeno Hercules
  • Maules Red Striped
  • Mulato Isleno
  • Orange Fish
  • Purple Tiger
  • Red Ramiro
  • Scarletts Chilli
  • Sweet Apple Kambe
  • Thor Sweet
  • Thunder Cacho Brown
  • Variegated Jalapeno
  • White Birdseye
  • Brazilian Starfish Orange
  • Brazilian Starfish Red
  • Brazilian Starfish Yellow
  • Sugar Rush Peach 2020 Long
  • Sugar Rush Stripey
  • BOC x Aji Pineapple (Chinense X Baccatum)
  • Chocolate Ghost WHP
  • Chocolate Reaper
  • Clavo Peach
  • Golden Reaper
  • Habanero Cappuccino
  • Jays Peach Ghost Scorpion
  • Naga Smooky Rainbow
  • Pimenta De Neyde
  • Pimenta Moranga Peach X
  • Reaper x Peach Bhut
  • Reaper x SRTSL
  • Scotch Brains XCP Chocolate
  • Star Scream
  • Super Bhut Jolokia JW
  • Swiss Chocolate
  • White Bhut Jolokia JW
C.Rocoto - first time growing any Rocoto
  • Mini Rocoto Olive
  • C.Rhomboideum
Lots of these are new for me and I’ve selected some purely for traits which may help me in some crossing projects. Also the first year I’ve grown any type of reaper variety.
Not gone well so far
My wilds didn’t go well this year :cry:
I managed to get some C.Cardenasii to germinate and also C.Eximium but they were both very weak. The C.Rhomboideum was doing OK until it got transferred outside and I think it has been affected by the very wet weather we’ve had.  I’ve successfully grown C.Praetermissum and C.Galapagoense multiple times but this year the wilds just seem to be unhappy in general.
I’ll need to regroup, source fresh seeds for next season and forget this year. Luckily I have way too many other plants to keep me occupied this season.
Most looking forward to
Some of the varieties I’m really looking forward to trying this year are
  • Antep Aci Dolma
  • Mini Rocoto Olive
  • Pimenta Moranga Peach X
  • Sugar Rush Stripey
  • Swiss Chocolate
Crossing projects
I’m also growing out some of my own crosses, F1 - F3, and have attempted some new crosses this season. Would crosses be better in a separate post to add to over the years or just include in here? Thoughts?  Have now started a dedicated thread for my crossing projects over here.
If you’ve made it this far down the post then hopefully that serves as my introduction :hi:
Edited: added link to a dedicated thread for my crossing projects.
PdN pods have a very nice color. How big are the pods?
Yes, I’m really liking the ones that have some shading as well.

Quick check of pods harvested, most are in range of 40-50mm long excluding the calyx and peduncle. Around 20-25mm width. Biggest harvested so far is 65mm long.

Plant isn’t very big and is in a small pot. At least as many pods still on the plant as shown in that group picture, probably a few more.
Harvested a few more PDN whilst tidying up plants, this time with a ruler just for @PaulG :) This batch has some smaller pods.

20211024-pdn-01.jpg 20211024-pdn-02.jpg 20211024-pdn-03.jpg
Don't you love clustering :) Yet more ripening on my Pimenta Moranga Peach

Trying to encourage one of my Sugar Rush Stripey plants to get a move on. Trimmed off all non-pod bearing branches and removed quite a bit of foliage to stress it and also give some much needed airflow as it gets colder and damper. It's at that point I could see just how many unripe pods were buried inside all of that.
Glad to see some harvesting and your late plants doing so well and they'll have a good week this week getting some mature time the moranga is doing great and nicely prolific.Fine job C.🙂