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  • Jay Im Good Thank you buddy,started my own buisness about two years ago.
    Now finally can work from home sometimes and get more serious about my growing in 2012,have still grown last few years but my daughter has done most of the work because ive been away a lot..yes will be on as often as i can and the best bit has been talking to old friends like Yourself.
    Anyway hows you my fr...
    So how have you been? Where have you been? Are you back, or just visiting? I hope all is well.
    Thx buddy been working away way to long back home next week and cant wait,Thx for the kind words ;)
    Good to see you drop by for a visit....:P

    Nice to see your avatar in the forum again.....
    Hey just a quick note to tell you,,,,took the first datil red today off the plant and damn thats a good taste.Seeded today so i`ll send yours out next saturday.I think I can get to really like this pepper.Have a good one and take care. Rich
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