Coffee and Toast

Hey Shore! Thanks for the welcome back! I have been trying to recover those miles on the bike I lost after the surgeries lol. I had a jog yesterday but it might be a bit soon for that. Also, teaching myself book restoration, and staying out of trouble. Cheers!
Hope your surgeries went well and it was nothing too serious. I'd kill for some MTB time at the moment, turn a few pedals for me next time you mount up.
Book restoration? I'd love to see your work, you should post it up for everyone to see. You may have missed my recent "Shorerider's workshop" updates, you may find them interesting. 
I need to get better restoration materials, but the first one didn't go to bad. It is a common book from 1942 called American Practical Navigator by Bowditch (Navy) The cover was completely torn off and the inside covers were in bad shape. So i glued some new paper stock and got everything realigned and glued back in place. I used the wrong spine reinforcement tape but I know where to find it now. This was a working book on a ship filled with navigational information so it was well used. i will upload some pics in a new topic soon. Headed over to Shorerider's Workshop! Cheers!