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grantmichaels said:




All that looks like a mad scientist lab! I like it!
sicman said:
You hate plastic ware and paper plates but you're drinking out of old peanut butter jars. thanks I just wasted over a hour watching this dudes videos,lloll.

I really don't like paper plates and plastic silverware ... and I won't drink off plastic ... I use a glass, or a can even, but I don't like plastic ...
I'm kind of OK w/ the plastic Solo plates for disposables, but I don't like paper ... and those thick paper chinette or whatever, I don't like them either ...
What can I tell you, just preferences ...
Just to be clear - I will use them (without fuss) at other's houses - I just don't like it, so you aren't likely to find any in my pics ...
And yeah, we drink our coffee out of Clausen jars ... their opening is the perfect fit for an Aeropress, and frankly, none of this is about being haute or not, it's about the feeling of different materials in my piehole ...
I mean, we don't even have a kitchen table ... this house doesn't have space for us to have a dining room table the way it's setup ...
We have cabinets and countertops in that area for desks ...
It's all very special, what can I say ...
You invested a lot in quality coffee, grilling etc.. find an online Glass blower. They can usually provide custom made glasses (desired size, thickness, design) at very competitive prices. I paid 60 euro for a very fancy 1/4 gallon tea kettle and 4 large double walled mugs.. with some decorations on them. Unfortunately broke when doing the dishes. They can make just about any shape you want.

It's a great gift for D if she enjoys the coffees and tea as well.
grantmichaels said:
Yeah, lol ... siphon (or vacuum) coffee is the shizz ... so bright ...
Here's the epic station at Blue Bottle in SF ...
I have a Blue Bottle in my hood. Yeah it's okay but the French place around the corner is better. No rocket science, just awesome coffee.
Coming from New England, coffee is something I cannot do without. If I haven't had my coffee in the morning, watch out! We moved to NC about a year ago and people just don't get the coffee right down here. It is never as strong as I'd like it to be. Of all the coffee machines I have used, I love my Presto electric percolator the most.