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Could be feeling better...

sicman said:
Glad your feeling better. You getting any exercise? That would also help a lot.
Thans Sic. My doctor says I can ease myself back into exercize and start slowly with something low impact like walking or yoga.
D3monic said:
I'm glad zoloft is having a positive effect for you, personally it was one of the worst health choices i've made. My doctor prescribed it to me for anxiety attacks I was having. 
It made me constantly feel like i was in a dream world. Made driving hard, after taking it for a while I couldn't be even moderately late taking (after 10am) it or get extremely sick. Very bad migraines. I couldn't have alcohol while on it. Even one drink would give me the worlds worst headache to the point I'd blow my brains out if I owned a gun. I was on it for a year or two before I weened myself off. 
The first few days I was on it seemed like my moods improved. I have borderline personality disorder and social anxiety. It helped with that initially but eventually they became worse. 
I'm glad as well, and I think the Bystolic I was prescribed was the big difference maker in my case, since it helped flush out all the stress hormones from my system. My doctor told me I could drink alcohol in moderation, and I've been able to drink a couple beers here and there without any issues at all, and in fact, the headaches I've been getting have all but evaporated.