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music Cover Songs

Stream of passion - Street spirit.

Now that would be a song, from Radiohead, I would say of just don't....don't cover it, that's just too perfect, you'll fail. But Stream of passion made it into a metal version....and definitely succeeded. Band has disbanded, glad I saw them a couple of times. Marcela Bovio, Mexican singer/violin player is dropdead gorgeous and has the voice to match it...or is that the other way around?


Uncle Eckley

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Here's Powerwolf doing Amon Amarth's Gods of War Arise. I really like both versions.


Uncle Eckley

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And Black Sabbath:

And Judas Priest:

And Iron Maiden:

I like Powerwolf. Hate the goofy name, though, lol.
this is amazing and I'm not a lover of cover versions but this is so much better than the original and why have I only discovered it this week!