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Created My First Super Hot Strain, Help Me Name It :)

mitchNC said:
Always with the butts and the toilets and such things.  LOL
ok... how about
Colon Cleaner
Liquid Plumber
Midnight Emergency
Late Night Encore 
or the most eloquent name, Ass Blaster
Wait till it is stable and ensure it is delicious....then name it something highly offensive so people will really want it but will also be nervous to ask for it.
hotpepperguy said:
Ok i just wanted to clear some things up with this strain. Four to Five years ago i tried the cross pollination of this strain i created. I grew it out the first year and it looked just like the Caribbean Red Hab, second year the same, third year the same, then on the fourth year it started to look like the pod you see here.
I thought i was unsuccessful...
That indicates that you did fail and that this is an F1 plant created by spontaneous hybridization in the 3rd season.

Capsicum have strongly additive effects with many genes. This means that the F1 is going to be intermediate to the parents.

To put it another way, if a Rottweiler screws a Chihuahua you won't get 3 generations of Rottweilers and then get a mix of the two on the 4th generation.

I don't bump this for the sake of argument but rather because hybridization appears to be an area of considerable confusion.

It is a fact that many amazing varieties of Capsicum begin as spontaneous hybrids that become noticed as unique or off phenotypes. Unfortunately for the intention of pedigree breeding methods a record of the exact parents is required to facilitate an understanding of the genetic situation in terms of the desired objective.

Fortunately however breeding methods other than Pedigree tend to work just fine with spontaneous hybrids and Pedigree even works once test crossing reveals more about the alleles of a cross despite the exact source of those alleles remaining unknown.

The selection method in particular is handy for hobby growers like myself.

For the record if you have the resources you can take virtually any F1 plant and culture the anthers to make a haploid tissue culture and differentiate that into haploid plants, these can then be made into diploid specimens which are 100% stable true breeding forms because they are homozygous for all alleles.

That's right, it is entirely possible to make a completely stable new variety from an F1 plant in less than a single year...

Only it costs a great deal and is rather involved. Anther culture itself is not exactly easy. So far I am unaware of anyone having done Capsicum anther culture in a hobby level.

Hobby growers still have many excellent options for breeding and production methods.

If an attempted cross produces F1 plants that look like one parent but not the other there is a strong probability that the cross didn't succeed. Likewise the appearance of off phenotypes often indicates hybridization has occurred in the pollination that produced those seeds.

Think of it as if Bob and his wife Karen are both caucasian and she has a kid with dark skin... many Capsicum growers would claim that kid is a spontaneous mutation...

Anyway peppers are notoriously promiscuous.

It is true that with regard to recessive alleles and epistasis a given generation will produce a population with some variation although said variation will display in specific ratios, will involve specific traits and the segregation ratios and traits will have uniformity. This can be deceptive with spontaneous hybrids because their ancestry is unknown and thus a grower can easily mistake a spontaneous F1 hybrid for a recessive phenotype or the reverse. This is why meticulous records are very handy.

Lots of amazing varieties have begun as mere selection of different plants without clear records so don't let anything discourage you from working with and enjoying unusual specimens...

But yeah... Karen slept around.
hotpepperguy said:
Well guys how are you all doing? I took to long of a break from this wonderful forum and all you great people. Now it's time to come back with something fierce. I crossed a Caribbean Red Habanero with a Ghost Pepper and i came up with this new, hellishly super hot pod.
I came back to the community to see if you can help me name it.
I just can't think of a good name for this super hot so i want to see if all of you guys/girls can help me out.
Here they are.
The taste is sweet and the burn creeps up on you and stays with you with a good while. The inside of the pod is covered with crazy hot capsaicin rind. I will upload a pic soon of the inside of the pod.
Thanks guys and tell me what you think of this new strain i made. I took me four years to grow this out and i am happy with the results :)
Are you sure it wasn't a Pakistani Naga crossed with a red habanero from St Vincent?

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