Curbside pit

I didn't need another project but....
A few days ago while driving back home I saw a piece of Cajun history at the curb so I had to check it out. It was a Cajun Grill that didn't look too bad. I took a look and had to save it. The guy at the house was cleaning out a rental unit and helped me load it up.
I've cooked on many of these grills/pits/smoker as far back as the 1980's. They're made here in Lafayette at Percy Guidry ironworks and since then they're making a stainless model. This thing cooks like a drum if you set the air dampers right or you can adjust the coals closer to the grate and sear steaks. Smoking is easy too.
She's ugly, been used and put up wet but nothing a little lipstick won't fix. They's no way I'd pay $1100 for it new but free and I'm on it.
I see someone welded rebar to support the legs instead of fixing it the right way.From the dry ashes it looks like they were still cooking on it recently. It just goes to show you, no matter how hot the girl is someone always gets tired of her shit.

I need replacement grates and should be able to buy them depending on the price. I might be able to talk my BIL to make some out of stainless tubing.

Coal basket adjustment handle, it's made with thick metal and still works as it should. 

Full length ash pan, needs to be replaced.


The left side and where the legs attach are shot but worth fixing.

The coal pan is in good shape, it's made with 1/8" plate, I think it needs more holes or at least a coal tray to keep it off the bottom.

Here's a cook he did talking about it.
Check out the insert to use cast iron pots.
those grates appear to be in decent condition but need a real good cleaning. they look like they are in better condition than the housing. sandblasting would be best but oven cleaner and a wire brush (and a ton of elbow grease) should clean them up. if your BIL can make new ones that is best. nice find!


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Cool find. Sat here watching a few vids. The ribs he did on the vid after those looked good, but I love that goodwin smoker he was using. So close to the design I have been kicking around for a build if I get a welder.
After doing Labor all day yesterday mowing and weed wacking and a few cocktails in the evening I decided to use this old beast to see how it cooks.
I cleaned it up, washed the ash out and wired brushed the grates with a drill then used foil to seall all the air holes in the bottom. Dumped a 10lb bag of charcoal in it to burn off the ugly's. It ran for a few hours at 450 and again I scrubbed the grates and oiled them up.
All charcoal for this test cook, Chicken and ribs with sausage.

Pecan pepper jelly for a glaze



I mixed Sweet Baby Ray's and Jack Miller's BBQ sauce for the chicken

We ate at 4 so I just sampled, normal sides for a Cajun bbq!
They're VERY proud of those pits, too damn expensive. I saw prices when I first posted this and they were $1300, that's outrageous.  The stainless version is crazy too but if you have the cash to own an awesome outdoor oven you might as well have something that can do it all.
I'm gonna make some mods to make it last and easy to move. I'm happy with the way it cooks and it holds temps good without an exhaust vent but I'm adding one to increase the heat and make it smoke like a stick burner/drum. I didn't use my normal snake method on the charcoal but it should work fine with a 30" long charcoal basket for long smokes. OH and the basket is junk, it's made with thick metal but it needs expanded metal in the bottom to let the ash drop.
This morning I fired up this pit to do a test smoke on stuffed turkey wings. I used 3/4 of a chimney to start and lump and a few chunks of pecan to smoke for 3 hours then I wrapped them in a 1/2 pan with a little water to steam, potatoes and topped it with bacon just cause. It ran better than I thought it would and it's still at 300 from 9:30 with only a 6.6lb bag of lump. I need to fix the air inlet, it ran at 250 for the first hour then jumped up to 350 and I couldn't slow it down due to the leaky air inlets. It would probably run longer once I get it sealed up to control the air.



A new store opened up and I stopped by today to see what they had. It's a small store but has some amazing products, they serve plate lunches all week(saw Mache Choux on the menu) with BBQ on Sundays. They had duck tasso, rabbit, ribeye sausage, chicken sausage, stuffed products, boudin, kracklin, crawfish pigskins and just about every thing you can want. The prices were good too. I picked up a few things to try but judging from the pepperjack boudin balls($1each) and the boudin plus customers saying=you have to try....... I think it will taste fine, also bought some seasoning to try. The boudin was good but didn't have liver in it. They will also stuff anything, anyway you want it.
I wanted a chicken for my Mom but she can't have garlic, when I asked if it had garlic the meat guy said yes but I'll make one for if you want to wait, 10 minutes later and BAM!!! That's the type of service that will make customers come back!!

Where else can you find a marinated chicken stuffed with onions and bell peppers for this price ready to throw on the pit?