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D3monic's Crossing Project/Community Grow

Click for Currently Crossed ListWill keep it updated as new crosses are added.
Butch T Yellow and Bahamian Goat won the poll!
  1. Aji Omni Color (4 votes [8.16%]
  2. bullet_star_rated.png
     Bahamian Goat (14 votes [28.57%]
  3. bullet_star_rated.png
     Butch T Yellow (9 votes [18.37%]
  4. Aji Crystal (3 votes [6.12%] 
  5. Caribbean Red Habanero (3 votes [6.12%]
  6. Paper Lantern Habanero (7 votes [14.29%] 
  7. Bolsa De Dulce (3 votes [6.12%]
  8. White Bhut (6 votes [12.24%] 
Alrighty folks! It's almost plant out time and that means that my basement and lights are going to be freed up for some crossing projects through the summer. 
I have 4 DWC buckets available for growing peppers indoors all summer. (not to mention racks for seedling growout)
2 spots are already taken by White Fatalii and CGN-21500.

These Plants will be the Base for all my other crosses. Meaning that I will use pollen from plants that are outdoors in the rest of my collection crossed with these. These will be tagged and harvested and grown out in the basement to choose phenos. I'm planning on going for taste more than heat. 
Plants to choose from  

My biggest focus will be crossing the White Fatalii with CGN-21500 but will do plenty of other crosses with them as well. 
Here is my entire grow list and potential candidates to be crossed with my final choices (hope that makes sense)
Bhut Orange Copenhagen
Jays Peach Scorpion
Bonda ma Jaques
Butch T Yellow
Sweet Datil
Bulsa de dulce
Aji Omni-color
Aji Limon
Fidalga Roxa
White Bullet Hab
Paper Lantern Hab.
Jamaican Hot Chocolate hab.
White Fatalii
White Bhut jolokia
Urfa Biber
Inca Berry
Caribbean Red Hab
Aji Pineapple
Orange Wild Brazil
Chocolate Habanero
Mystery Hababhut?
Scotch Bonnets
Taquila Sunrise "Hot"
Fooled you jalapeno
Yellow Primo
White Devils tongue
7pot Yellow brainstrain
Trinidad Giant yellow congo
Bahamian goat
Aji Crystal
Cumari do Para
Carolina Reaper
7pot Yellow
Yaki brown
Xalapa Jalapeno
Pink Tiger 
Criola Sella
7pot White 
Tepin X Lemon drop (iso) F2 
Aji Amarillo 
MOA Scotch Bonnet 
Champion (baccatum)
Large Orange Thai (growdown throwdown)
Yellow bhut
Australian Lantern Habanero
Once the poll is complete Thursday night- the two winning plants will be moved to the hydro system and this thread will serve as my grow log for this project. 

Y'all are more than welcome to offer suggestions as to what you would like to see crossed with what as well. I'm sure I will be sharing seeds with most of you at some point (prolly F2? maybe some F1's)
tctenten said:
Once the heat hits a certain level for me it is hard to differentiate. Especially since I only try a small piece. These will be perfect for puree. My father told me the MOA puree wasn't hot enough....the D3 puree will change that.
def will be killer hot. Those tails look awesome! Just like the red F1's. I agree on not being able to tell once so darn hot. 
If they taste ok i'd def want seeds. I'm sharing this pic to instagram as well. Probably be the yellow pheno I go with. Might grow both out still next year, got a feeling mine have a chance to go white eventually with how light the pods are prior to changing. 
Mr.CtChilihead said:
7 Pot Burgundy X CGN21500 (These are from the red pod)
I also have a plant growing from the yellow pod..But it was hammered by hail..Just getting pods..Sun was realy bright when I took this pic.Sorry
I got a few more plants of yours just starting to pod..More to come hopefully..
Red pod one looks nice. Let me know how they taste. I didn't grow any this year
diddled a few flowers today. Not many left on  the plants. Hasn't been the best year pepper wise and probably too late in the year to  be molesting flowers. 
The jays peach ghost scorpion pollen is from 2015, just pulled from freezer. Curious if they are any good. Would like to experiment how many years pollen will last being defrosted and refrozen repeatedly. 
Genetikx said:
Awesome harvest there Micheal, bout what I've pulled all year. You ever get around to doing something with Blue Christmas?
No, but thanks for reminding me. Maybe I'll throw some 2 yo frozen pollen at it. See if any of it takes.
Mr.CtChilihead said:
Awesome harvests, how many El Scorponero plants do you have going?..I have an El Scorponero also planted..If you can't tell I love your work..
Thanks, I have 6 f2 el Scorponero plants going and 6 f3 plants that I planted late season but the f3 are growing slow so I doubt i will get any pods off them.