capsaicin Darth Naga Vs 16 Million SHU pure crystal Capsaicin!

Well this is slightly nuts in a slightly big manner.
It was both interesting and funny.
One thing that would have been even more funny is that if you had recorded your next day toilet visit.PAIN in the lower back big time!:D

I havent watched all your vids but i will surely do.

About the endorfinrush i understand why you do this but for me it would be nicer if i could get that rush but without that intense & choking pain.
But probably i'm just a sissy.;)

Greatings from sweden!
Was great watching. Thanks always great learning more, hay you did not die. Great to know, plus a law being made, great. Will be fun learning how it is broke and in how many ways.... :dance: I'm now wondering what countries do not have that law and do sell the crystals ?

I'm thinking sales will go up with the law being passed, maybe it could help the resestion ?