capsaicin Darth Naga Vs 16 Million SHU pure crystal Capsaicin!

I have to give this bloke credit for trying this.

He's no doubt a lot braver than I am.;)

If you watch the full video/read the description he states that he made sure to throw up. About 5g of pure cap will kill a 200 pound person; he wouldn't have died, but it may have been close.
Why the HELL do people do this S**T?! Geez. Good on him for giving it a go, though. You wouldnt catch ME doing that. Not even for money.
Now THAT guy was entertaining. Loved the video. I just wish he had let the camera run for the whole time so we could see more of his agony. He looked truly terrified for a minute. I thought he was going to hurl right on the camera. Good stuff. It would be cool to have some of that just for a collectible.
I tried a tiny bit of the dry crystal (not soaked in Vodka). As he said, I didn't get too much mouth burn, but once it hit the alcohol in my stomach, the reaction was immediate, violent and ugly :fire:

The heartburn that night was unbearable, and I didn't feel very good for a few days. I don't recommend it. :flamethrower:
I'd like to own a vial of that just to cook with. Maybe like one teeeeeeny tiny bit per huge bowl of nachos or chili would be good. You could cook with one vial for like a decade.
Yup, you can say i'm stupid, thats probably a very LARGE part of it, i'm a bit mental also and probably slightly unhinged..a chilli stuntman if you will! Alot of people seem to think i can handle hot chilli pods/food/sauces really well and i'm going to tell you all now that i can't, thats the point! Wouldn't be very entertaining if all i did was breathe a bit heavier and said "oooh thats hot" lol. Hope you all like the vids, and if not, eh..they're not for everyone i guess :)