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DF 2021 Glog

I grew some ginger last year but it turned into mush during the freeze we had. I put some more in after the freeze and just saw some shoots yesterday. I'll have to remember to move it from outside to in when we get to the colder months. I want to try galangal as well.
dragonsfire said:
Yup, the one thing Turmeric and Ginger hate is wetness, has to have good drainage, looks like people using the clay pellets have the best success.
I have ginger growing in a 4g plastic bag, in 50/50 compost/perlite. Grows well, even with very little direct sunlight. Night rarely go lower than 20°C though, and protected from excessive rainfall.
Planted my corn and potatoes this morning. Rhubarb ready to pick (already going to seed), going into a pie :D
Still not ready to risk the Peppers and tomatoes.
Probably pick another variety of potatoes to plant, some nice unique ones but their $15/2lb.



I'm surprised. Tomorrow is a scorcher but Thursday-Friday -2 with snow each day. I looked and the Hat misses gets off lucky and stays above freezing. Still 35 degree change in 3 days. Not sure what that is going to do to the fruit trees. 
Several people have told me things have died that have been established, I think the plants are confuse because is hot one day, cold the next.
Had green things growing in Feb, then it got cold again. We had 33c in the shade today, then its going cold now in a couple days, high 12, low 0c. :(
Not seeing many insects, might have killed them off with this hot and cold.
Doubled checked the airport log. 30.4C today. We've had better than average insect turnout this year. Lots of mason, a few bumble and lots of wasps out this year. It was too on and off and messed up the migrating birds from pollenating this year. Now it is a waiting game to see if the temps will be cold enough to kill the buds. 
Branch from plum tree broke from the snow, largest one on the tree, other then that little damage other wise.
Stopped snowing this afternoon.
Saturday will go up to 7c.

You may be able to fix that still (glue together)... Or do a very hefty pruning. It's unlikely going to bear fruit this year (it already flowered, right?), so it may divert energy to growth instead of fruit set.
Nice Highbush! Is that Opulus or Trilobum? I've been looking for a wild or planted Trilobum around here for a couple years now. They tell me the ones here at the State park are native, but they key out to Opulus. I've even sampled a few of the Opulus, and haven't found one yet that I'd go back for seconds on. How's the flavor on yours? What do you usually do with them?