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DF 2021 Glog

Morning Pics.
Looks like I will get some grapes this year, Hop's doing great, no flowers yet, Beefsteak tomatoes have a way to go, Swiss chard real small compared to other years but it is picking up.




Those grapes look appetising! Was a warm summer in your area of Canada. Warmer than last crummer in SE Australia which was the worst crummer in history here.

How much was that tomato cage? Here, the hardware store charges $24 for those few strands of chinese steel which is disgusting. I'm going to try for a Beefsteak tomato this summer.
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Their about $5-7 for the cages and the grey ones 4.
Constant 33-38c not fun, now its an average of 21c and 8c at night, tomorrow tonight 6c.

Looking forward to my first Grapes, hope frost does not start in August, some people have their squashes wilted from the night cold allready.
Dude awesome pics is that a new phone?
A lot of your pics are very contrast heavy. I really like these. Maybe because of the daylight.
Some are way too contrasty, hold up on that photoshop man lol! These look awesome! More natural.
Nice Hippophae! What variety are you growing? Why do you think you are not producing most years?
I tried to start some of these from seed and ordered 30 unsexed seedlings this spring..
The place I ordered them from is replacing the order, because I wasn't the only one who lost the whole lot (extreme heat during shipping, I suspect). I'm still guessing about the seeds.
You ever do cuttings of those? And do you have a male grafted on her, or just have a separate plant?