gadgets DIY stir plate to make emulsified Tabasco / Peri Peri

So Chillichump on youtube has some videos about making a good tabasco that is emulsified. He uses a stir plate, bar and flask to mix the vinegar mash mixture for a few days. I think the original Tabasco is mixed for about a month. When I was brewing beer I bought a stir plate from Sold everything, but there is a schematic on the website on how to build you own. Mine is almost done and the fermenting peppers are almost ready to go. Designed the case in Fusion360.


Good stuff @FGpepperguy. I've built a stir plate for brewing starters before and contemplated a new one I'd use for this purpose as well. In fact, I think all the components for it are sitting tucked under the garage workbench right now :rolleyes:

Hope yours comes together quicker and I look forward to seeing what you create with it.