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Do you Cpap?

I sleep with a Cpap and O2 because I have central apnea.  Kind of the extreme version of apnea, but even obstructive apnea can take its toll.  Have met lots of people who should be using a Cpap, some who have been prescribed the thing, but who stick it in a closet and dont use it.  So many do this, that insurance companies now require some sort of monitoring and dont pay for the thing unless you can prove you are using it.  Sad because I know I feel a thousand times better when I use it.

How good the thing is was confirmed this past week.  My cpap took a dump and it was a few days before I could get a new one.  Thee days of waking up in a fog.  So I am wondering, how many folk use a Cpap and have great results.  Maybe if we talk about it, folk who need to be using one might open their closets, get it out, and give it a try again.

So do you Cpap?  How does it make you feel?


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What a lot of people don't realize is just how bad apnea is for your heart. The oxygen deprivation over time causes your heart to become enlarged, as it is starved for oxygen during an event,it pumps harder and harder.

I never had classic symptoms of tiredness or fog but now when I don't use it I can really feel the lack . I average over 7 hrs a night on therapy every day, and not using it while camping last month was hard. We are going to have to switch to electrical sites from now on and figure out how to set it up to use in tent next time we go .
On camping, every truck stop has inverter to convert 12 dc car battery into 120 volt.  I have run mine for three nights and the car still started, but I had a heck of a battery in that thing.


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the Advertising AI is never subtle is it.   lol 


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