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DontPanic 2022

And we're off and running...


I started these on February 4th. Without heat, things are progressing a little slowly. But I think I'm seeing something in every cell.

Here's my grow list for 2022, starting with my AeroGarden seedlings...

From Refining Fire Chiles:
(2) Piment d'Espelette
(2) Dieghito Jalapeno (An Italian Jalapeno-like pepper)
(2) Rayados Jalapeno
(2) Senise (Peperoni di Senise, supposedly comparable to Hatch chilies)
(2) Malawi Piquante (closely related to the PeppaDew)

From Pepper Guru for the 2022 GrowDown ThrowDown:

(3) Farm Locoto

From my own saved seeds:

(3) San Isidro Rocoto
(3) Orange V3 (Some kind of cross from a Volunteer I grew last year.)
(2) Volunteer 1.2 (no name yet, another Volunteer cross from last year.)
(3) Jax (F3 Cross, first generation was in 2020).
(3) Sri Lankan Chili Red
(3) Bahamian Goat

And I'm starting the following in dirt:
(6) Large Utility Cayenne
(6) Small Orange Thai
(6) Bahamian Goat

The Large Utility Cayenne started out many years ago as some sort of Cayenne, and I've been growing it from un-isolated saved seed each year. It crossed at least once somewhere along the way, and It no longer resembles a Cayenne. But I haven't thought up a better name yet.

The Rayados are in the top right hand side of the AeroGarden tray, and they are starting out noticeably stronger than everything else.


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Nice little harvest DP. What's the flavor like on the Dieghito? I kinda like the look of it.
Nice little harvest DP. What's the flavor like on the Dieghito? I kinda like the look of it.

The Dieghito is pretty much living up to the description given by Refining Fire Chiles.

It was sweet and fleshy, with mild heat. I didn't pick up on many distinguishing flavors.

I picked this one a little early. There was still some green on it. But, since it was a new variety to me, I wanted to see how it tasted when picked just a bit early.

I'll let them ripen up more, and see if they pick up any more heat or flavors.