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Doug's late start 2024 grow with fingers crossed

After being overwhelmed last year I decided to narrow down my selections to a mere 45 varieties.

Started way later than last year, hopefully that works out.

1. Fatalli
2. 7 Pot Katie
3. Oxkutzkab
4. Blueberry
5. T-Rex Yellow
6. Purple Cacho White Leaf
7. Purple Cream BBG
8. Bingo
9. Bleeding Rawitt White X Doe Hill
10. Dream Catcher
11. Alan Boatman SB
12. KS Lemon Starburst
13. Yaki Fawn Chocolate
14. Big Peach Mama
15. Lotah Bih
16. Judy's Brown Moruga
17. Blood Ghost
18. Andy's King BOC
19. Aconcagua
20. T-Rex Chocolate
21. Aji Charapita OP crossed with everything
22. Tepin X Lemon Drop
23. Red Brazilian Moruga
24. Hanjao 3 Solar Flare
25. Bico Roxa
26. Hanjao 10 Afterglow
27. Beth Boyd SB
28. Malawi Piquante
29. Borg-9 Peach
30. Dream Catcher X BRW
31. Pink Tiger X Peach Reaper
32. Red Savina
33. Peri Peri Chubby
34. Chocolate Jigsaw
35. Death Spiral
36. Giant Chocolate Habanero
37. Purple Death
38. Ecuadorian Sweet Rocoto
39. Ecuador Red Rocoto
40. Brown Rocoto
41. Aji Lucento Rocoto
42. Oculto Rocoto
43. Arequipa Rocoto
44. San Isidro Rocoto
45. Olive Rocoto
Germination seems to be going well.
Good luck going forward!
Everything was started on 3/5. No soak or anything special, just distilled water, grodan cubes, and the heat mat set at 85°F. Thanks for the well wishes. Those are your Red Savinas in there.
Your plants look great!

I'm especially interested in that blood ghost. Have seeds of it on order but it's too late to start them now... (but maybe not too early? 🤔)
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