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Doug's late start 2024 grow with fingers crossed

Hey Doug, I picked up some Berger BM7 from Doan's the other day and I'm liking it better than Pro-mix. You still using BM7 as the base for your mix?
Hey Doug, I picked up some Berger BM7 from Doan's the other day and I'm liking it better than Pro-mix. You still using BM7 as the base for your mix?
No, this year I'm using their "special mix" until I transfer them to the 7 and 10 gallon pots outside. Then I'm going to be reusing last year's mix spruced up a little. Their special mix is BM7, perlite, some osmocote, and I think something else, but they of course won't tell me exactly what, lol. My guess is some mycorrhizae. I pretty much used the same mix last year at this phase. The difference is the Root Excelurator Gold and General Hydroponics Floranova Grow. I had to stop feeding them until I can get them all moved to the 1 gallon pots. You can see them grow over the course of a couple days each time I feed them that stuff.
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I'll show you. They have it in the main front room in a huge crate. It's $12 a bag this year, last year it was $10. Damn inflation, lol.
Looks like they got a bag of BM7 and "cut it" with a bag of the cheaper Jemasco potting soil they keep out front haha. I'll check it out next time I'm there. As long as it's not the old potting mix from their greenhouses I'll probably get some.
Well, trying a three pronged approach to try to deal with this since I can't figure out the exact issue of what is going on.

1. Flushed all my plants with water for about 2 hours today in case it's an over fert issue.

2. Pruned all the affected leaves effectively topping most of my plants, and burned the trimmings.

3. Going to spray them with a miticide for broad and spider mites. I think it's a combination of over ferts and spider mites. Found some web strings on some and what looked like a spider mites on a couple.

Can't be a pepper season without some struggles. It was going too well, nature had to make it challenging. Or my own stupidity. Or both 🤣.
So I can finally say that I think that all my plants are broad mite and spider mite free and growing normally again. It definitely took some drastic measures as I had to hit them with Abamectin 3 times over the course of a month. They'd probably be at least twice the size they are now normally, but I'm just happy I was able to save the season. I think I only lost 1 or two plants in total.

My overwinters are producing like crazy, as well as some of the others now that they aren't getting the life sucked out of them. Cap 455, T-Rex Chocolate, and Tepin x Lemon drop in the harvest pics.
Glad to hear you got things back on track. Right on time for the triple digit heat coming. Some of my plants are already starting to struggle and we're still in preheat haha.