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Dougthehead 2023 Glog

I guess now is as good a time as any to start a grow log. I'm currently growing under a Barrina 2000 led grow light. I'm using Berger 7 potting soil amended with bone meal, blood meal, earthworm castings, and innoculated with Mikro-Myco mycorrhizae. My current plants were dropped in on January 15 and January 30 with no soak or pre-treatment. My current grow list is as follows:

7 Pot White
Andy's King BOC
Big Black Mama XL
BOC X Orange Primo X Purple Naga Viper
Borg-9 Red
Death Spiral
Hallow's Eve
Jes's Moruga Purple/Red
Judy's Brown Moruga
Khang Starr Lemon Starburst
Naga Black

Peach Miasma
Pockmark Orange
Pumpkin BBG7
Reaper Purple Peach
Reaper X Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
Reaper X SRTSL
Sugar Rush Peach Stripey
T-Rex Chocolate
T-Rex Yellow

I will be planting the following today:

7 Pot Bubblegum
7 Pot Cinder
7 Pot Yellow X Douglah
Aji Ahuachapan
Aji Cito
Aji Cochabamba
Aji Fantasy
Aji Fantasy
Aji Jobito
Aji Lemon Drop
Antonia P. Rhomedia
Bahamian Goat
Bahamian Goat
Bahamian Goat
Barra Do Riberio
BBG7 Chocolate
BBG7 X Naga Peach
Bih Jolokia Caramel
Bismarck Chocolate
Brazilian Moruga
Brazillian Starfish
Dangler's Ghost
Death Spiral
Death Spiral
Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Claw
Dragon's Toe
Elysium Oxide
Genghis Khan Chocolate
Hurt Berry Longtail
JA Mushroom
Jalapeno Biker Billy
JPGS X BB7 Dream
Madballz Gnarly
Naga Smooky Rainbow
Papa Dreadie
Peppa Dew
Prairie Spice
Primotalli (Isolated)
Purple Thunder Mystery
Reaper X SRTSL X Purple Reaper
Rocoto Amarillo
Rocoto Amarillo Mini
Rocoto Rojo
Rocoto Rojo Mini
Scotch Bonnet Cappuccino
Scotch Brains Orange
Star Scream
Swiss Chocolate Cross
Thai Spezzano
Trinidad Red Cherry
Trippaul Threat
Trippaul Threat V2
XL Antep Aci Dolma
It looks like my heavy handed approach worked on knocking out the aphids. Went through every single plant individually with magnifying glasses and squished all of them. Then gave them a heavy spray of insecticide, which damaged some leaves, but they're recovering fine. Still too cold at night to move them outside annoyingly, but a few more days and it should be good. Here's some pictures from this morning.

Planted 48 of my oldest plants of the year each in their own 10 gallon fabric pots around my back yard. Did my own mix of some sphagnum moss, local mix of sharp sand, Leaf compost, and composted cow manure, triple phosphate, worm castings, bone meal, blood meal, dolomite lime, humic acids, azomite trace minerals, #3 perlite (great quality), and some super thrive.



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why not keep them outside at this point? They look real good.
I need to harden these off as I don't have any more shaded areas I can put them in and just leave them out there. They would be wilted over in 15 minutes in direct sun. All of the ones I have in the 10 gallon pots are shaded most of the day, so I just moved them straight from the tent to outside full time. Another reason is that several of these were 2 or 3 in a pot and I had to separate them, tearing a lot of the roots. I like them to have a good root system before I put them out full time.