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Downriver 2022 - Garden Adventures


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What kind of beans you growing River?

Several different kinds.

Worchester Indian Red (lima)
Kelvedon Marvel (runner)
Achievement (runner)
Pink Tip Greasy (snap)
French Gold (snap)
Old Fashioned Whipporwill (cowpea)
Washday (cowpea)

I grow mainly for variety preservation, but we eat some as well.


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Planted squash and okra yesterday. The okra is to replace seedlings pulled up by birds. I think I still have time to harvest some pods. I don't plant squash until July 1st, after the squash vine borer season. This has worked out pretty well in the past.

Need to start thinking about Fall garden.


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I hear you about the birds!! Between the Cardinals, Robins, and occasional daring jay, we haven't had but a mere taste of our strawberries or serviceberries this year.

That's a lot of beans.. Are they all different species, or what do you do for isolation of those?


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...That's a lot of beans.. Are they all different species, or what do you do for isolation of those?

Yes, different species, combined with varietal separation. Lima, runner, cowpea and snap. Some are more promiscuous than others, with Limas being the worst. I only plant ONE lima every year.


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Speaking of beans, some are handling the heat better than others. Most are experiencing flower drop and not setting pods. The exception to that seems to be French Gold, which is a yellow (wax) pole bean. It is setting pods, regardless of temperature. Unfortunately, they also seem to be the Mexican Bean Beetle favorite. With all this rain, both promised and actual, its been hard to spray. Maybe today.

Old Fashioned Whipporwill cowpea in the foreground, French Gold snap climbing the trellis. (lots of weeds down the middle lol)
Beans IMG_20220722_120841043_HDR.jpg


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Tomatillos are doing great in the heat. These are called Amarylla, a yellow variety. First year growing tomatillos, so it's kind of a learning experience.

Anyway, I was looking at the one on the ground and noticed something else. See it?
Hornworm IMG_20220728_135622558_HDR.jpg

...look closer
Hornworm IMG_20220728_135622558_HDR~2.jpg

Yup, Hornworm. This is one of the larger ones I've "caught". Strange though, no significant damage to the plant.
Hornworm IMG_20220728_140110666~2.jpg Hornworm IMG_20220728_140058441~2.jpg


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French Gold (p. Vulgaris)

This is a new-to-me yellow pole bean that has produced surprisingly well, especially given this years' challenging weather conditions. It has been terribly hot (90+), humid (Heat index 100+), and little rain. Further, this variety has been attacked brutally by Mexican Bean Beatles. Regardless, this bean continues to grow, flower and set pods in an impressive fashion. Might just be a keeper.

Seed source was Renee's Garden. Here is their description:

French Gold - Pole Filet Beans

These hard-to-find, handsome yellow filet pole beans were originally bred by our favorite French seedmen for their domestic market. French Gold are true “haricot verts” beans: classically slim, round 7 to 9 inch pods with delicate, sweet flavor and a crispy snap that makes them especially choice eating. The heavy bearing, vigorous vines yield extra-fancy, juicy pods to enjoy in colorful summer meals over a long season of harvest.

We harvested our first batch the other day. Just over 4 pounds.
Beans - French Gold IMG_20220803_165727821.jpg

We blanched and froze some, but also fixed a pot. Very good tasting bean.
Beans - French Gold IMG_20220804_165725365.jpg


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Found this guy sitting on a cowpea leaf. He needs to keep moving along. Destructive little bastiage.

Two-striped Grasshopper
Grasshopper IMG_20220803_120739331_HDR~2.jpg Grasshopper IMG_20220803_120816151_HDR~2.jpg


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Speaking of cowpeas... As I said earlier, the weather has been pretty extreme so far this year. The excessive heat and humidity has caused a lot of flower drop, but the Whippoorwill cowpea is starting to power through it and set pods. There should be plenty of time for a harvest.

Cowpea - Whipporwill IMG_20220803_120707179~2.jpg Cowpea - Whipporwill IMG_20220803_120640028_HDR~2.jpg


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Saw this guy busy at work the other day. Thread-waisted wasp. They sting their pray to paralyze it. Then, they drag it over to a hole they dug, cram it in, and lay an egg on it. I think you can figure out the rest lol. GOOD bug!

Thread-waisted Wasp

Wasp Thread-Waisted IMG_20220728_150834966_HDR~2.jpg


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Amarylla Tomatillo starting to ripen. I've read this yellow variety is kinda rare/hard to find.
Those look good, DR. I'm curious about how you like them as well. I'm growing the queen of malinalco tomatillo this season, which I haven't grown before. I got a late start though and I'm not expecting a lot of production from them.
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